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25th February 2012, 02:01 PM
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windsor castle 10/2/72 - 20/3/72
29/3/72 - 8/5/72 I can remember the battering we got in the Bay of Biscay on one trip, passenger lounges and areas all
17/5/72 - 26/6/72 Flooded. Montainous seas and unrecordable winds apparently.

Oriana 18/8/72 for two medi cruises, sacked for refusing to get my haircut, which, so the pool informed me, resulted in a 99 year ban
from P&O (a rather extreme punishment for a 17 year old who's hair was not that long , it was the 70's).
Laurentic 1972 ? Worked By

Stability Jan 73 to March 73 Old Everards hatchboards coaster with definitely the wrong name.

Anadara 9/5/73 - 26/10/73 First Shell Tanker,(Bosun was Tommy Heath,what a character, the only man i know who had his shore leave
stopped , his sub stopped AND his tap stopped, all at the same time Happy days.

Hinnites 1974 6 months on the Singapore -Saigon (Na Bai) run

Hadriania 1974 -1975 (8 fantastic months) Apart from my first experience of an H boats 96ft masts.

Paludina 1975 -1976 splinters in my a--e we spent nearly the whole trip aloft or over the side. (another great trip though)

Pomella No recorded dates of the following, lost discharge book

Pallium Brought her home to Cardiff for refit , rejoined and had 8 great months on her



Alinda 6 Months on the UK Coast ,Shell Haven, Stanlow, Teesport Nothing else to say about That.


Methane Progress
on the above 1972 - 1982.