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Red Lead Ted
6th January 2012, 02:18 AM
Isn't it about time this word and meaning was taken out of the oxford dictionary or is it me? Its getting that way that people of all cultures are terrified to speak on the topic .Was Diane Abbot MP Being racist if you look at the interpretation of the word then yes she was. There needs to be a very serious debate on this subject because it is getting bloody ridiculous.How are we to describe someone of different colour/ How are they to describe us. I Am not using the Stephen Lawrence affair as an excuse for there hatred and long may they rot in hell for there crime against a young man with his life ahead of him. But this is confusing us all and we need to take not just an MPS Quote in the context it was said but people of other than the Norse race need to take our comments in the same context. We are not always being racist when we pass a remark either black or white. But what baffles me more than anything is listen to the rappers who make a fortune out of there recordings you can find them easily on YouTube where a coloured chap are singing and rapping about there N***R Brothers very :confused: Regards Terry. p.s Take a listen to this one wrote and produced by a coloured chap himself W.T.F. Terry.

Styles P - Rap Nigga - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhvjV7VAVC0)

Doc Vernon
6th January 2012, 04:31 AM
Hi Terry
I agree with your comments here and not only should that word be taken out of all Dictionary's but also out of the Hearts of all Mankind!

There is too much hatred around these days,and we all i think need to look at being more forgiving and upright!

I ceratianly am no Angel,far from it,but believe in doing the right thing amongst my fellow Humans,as far as i possibly can!
We all have our faults i know,but they can be overcome with hard work and good practice!

Thanks for the Thread!
Cheers and hope you and yours are keeping well!

PS Believe it i still watch that lovely Video a great deal!

john sutton
6th January 2012, 07:43 AM
the politician in question has a history of anti white comments and has an undisguised dislike of caucasion beings.
what annoys me is that so many influential black politicians rush to her defence saying she has a 25 year history of anti racial activities.she has a 25 year history of anti white activities.
the same politicians would be calling for resignations it a white politician made similar comments in the opposite direction

john sutton

alf corbyn
6th January 2012, 10:21 AM
dianne abbot is the worst racist i know and like a lot of her fellow blacks is a worst racist than most of the whites. i have been threatened many times by blacks waving knives when i was a lorry driver in london most of whom couldn't pass a driving test. another reason for identity cards. alf

Louis the Amigo
6th January 2012, 10:47 AM
Hi Shipmates, going back to to my merchant navy days, At sea only some officers were racist ? I allready told {posted} the one about the black engineer I recall a young cadet from south africa a very well spoken and top ex public school boy attacking a black boy in south shields why? because he was with a white girl, holding hands in public he attack the boy like a wild animal full of hate and rage punching and kicking him on the ground myself,and a shipmate pull him off he would not stop swearing and saying words I did not understand in Africanns I will never forget that for the rest of my life{ Race hate is a disease}

6th January 2012, 01:17 PM
I would like to see all the " isms " shot away . When I was bought up in the 1950's in rural Derbyshire my father thought people from Nottinghamshire suspect , and Yorkshire men were definatly strange . I was taught that all people slightly different were undesirable , and those south of Dover were there to be despised . Maybe that is why I ran away to sea , to smell the fresh air of Freedom and watch opression crumble .

Then I joined the Scottish Navy , ( Clan Line ) ,

I had not heared of religious bigotry until then , and saw Scottish Protestants treat their fellow Catholic countrymen with disdain and disrespect ,. I saw East African Railways and Harbours Cadets treated like dirt , by the Zulu crew . I saw British Officers , a minority , I may add , treat the Indian stewards like a feudal servant . South Africa , and South West Africa were in a world of their own .

And I still wonder why , as we live and work with Black , Brown , Yellow , Nordic , Slavic and mediterranian people , what we are doing . These guys have their own predujices , I know an Indian lady , who thinks Africans smell . Africans who want us to apologise for the slave trade , and French who think we are insular .

I just wish we coulkd all live together as fellow Humans , I sympathise to Brian in Bolton who has watched a Ghetto surround him , I noticed in rural America last summer that all the , Mexican , Irish , Polish , Swedish descent Americans swear alligiance to their Stars and Stripes , they become American with pride , they integrate , maybe we have segregated too long and caused the Ghettos .

I dated a Polish lady last year , who is proud to have been British for the last twenty Five Years , she felt proud of her Britishness , because we have opened our doors to the poor and oppressed from all over the woirld for hundreds of years , It would be nice to see the import from the United States , to go with the McDonalds , Budweiser , hot dogs made from suspect meat of Flag Poles , Flying the Union Flag , wether we are from anywhere else in the worls or any shade of any colour , we let the rot in when we concxeeded Motor cycle Turbans for Sikhes . It is time , probably too late to dismantle the separatist areas , and live together as British ,

Captain Kong
6th January 2012, 04:00 PM
Is there really such a thing as `Rascism` or is it something that has been introduced by the PC. Loons.
There are many White English people I do not like, many from my home town, or Liverpool or London or In Scotland and Wales and Ireland. There are a lot I do like. Am I Rascist or if one of my near Neighbors from the middle East said that, is he Rascist.?
In Liverpool they call anyone from Wigan, Bolton or St.Helens , Woolybacks, is that Rascist.?
They used to say"Yorkshire Born, Yorkshire bred, strong in the arm and weak in the head." now is that Rascist?
When I was at school a Welsh Teacher, Taffy Thomas, told us a poem " Taffy was a Welshman, Taffy was a thief, Taffy came to our house , and stole a leg of Beef", again is that Rascist. ?
The word that no one dare speak, Nig, ger, where does that come from???
NIGER, in West Africa. depends on how you say it. again if I said a man from that part of the world in West Africa, was a Niger, is it Rascist or a fact.?
They say it is Rascist to say Paki, a person from Paki stan. is that no different than saying a person from Uzbeki Stan is an Uzbeki, or an Afghani is from Afghanistan, or a Khazaki is from Khazaki Stan.
When Pakistan was formed after the partition of India after 1948, the Islamics moved to the north and created a new land. PAKI a word that means peace, and STAN that means land. PAKISTAN.
So can anyone tell me what is rascism.
What is a Lymie? What is a Pom, what is a Yank, what is a Yarpy, What is a Dago, a Kraut, a Cloggy, or a Froggy. The list is endless.
I give up, Rascism is only in the heads of the ill informed PC people

captain gordon whittaker
6th January 2012, 04:23 PM
I guess I will always be a Jock, or a "Sweaty sock", to everyone, so do I complain to the Race relations Board? I think not! Must I now destroy my G******g of childhood? EVERBODY around here nips down to the Paki-shop, who stocks everything and stays open late 7 days a week. We also frequent the local "Chinky". So arrest us!

Red Lead Ted
6th January 2012, 04:38 PM
Hi Terry I agree with your comments here

Reading the posts that have folowed my thread it seems we are all very confused i think vern this needs to be a world summit debate because as has been said it only incites hatred amongst us we live in a multicultural society and i think we all black white purple whatever our colour need our heads banging together and abolishing the word and remember we do all live in a democracy were we enjoy freedom of speech so lets talk Regards Vern Terry.;)

Captain Kong
6th January 2012, 05:24 PM
Another one is the word or letters `W.O.G.`. when I was in Calcutta in 1952 it was a word of honorable meaning. It meant Worker Of Government
The Indian workers at the shipyard just wore the cloth aroround their waists , the Dhoti, no pockets, they were always losing their Dockyard passes. So the word or Initials were stamped on the back of their hands ***. They wore those initials proudly. "I am W.O.G. Sahib, very important position." They just showed the back of their hand when entering the Dockyard. Simple. But today I would be condemned if I said the word.

John Pruden
6th January 2012, 05:44 PM
is it in our genes has our history drummed it into us that we are better than any other race question right if a BLACK MAN moved in next door to you he could be the nicest fella you could meet he could be a DR/ PROFFESER/ MAIL NURSE/you name it but what is he first? it is a sad world when the colour of a mans skin goes against him.john

John Arton
6th January 2012, 06:51 PM
I never used to be racist having spent so many years at sea with many varied nationalities that we all had to work together with in order to have a nice safe ship and neither was my wife.
However since starting our own business and seeing the antics of our mainly Asian cousins in the wholesalers, we are becoming more and more racist. We see them going round the wholesalers with a young white kid (being paid less than the min. wage) with them who they get to load all their trolleys with the stuff they want, lug them around the wholesalers, load their vans, unload them and stack their shelves whilst all the time being treated worse than a karzy wallah would be back in their native country, using words like "boy" etc. and never a thank you or similar. Yet no one ever dares pull them up, indeed I once saw a wholesale Manager called a "dirty white, f*****g b*****d" by one of them because a certain item that had been on the warehouse floor had run out and he had arranged for more to be brought from the stock room yet after 2 minutes it had not appeared, hence the rant. The guy had to stand there and take all this abuse without any chance of replying as he would have immediatley been accused of racism and most likely lost his job.
It was often said to me that the black mans worst enemy was another black man with more money.
Regretfully our various iidiotic goverments has over the past 50-60 years has meant that ethnic white anglo saxons are now almost a forgotten minority and have to put up wiyh massive amounts of so called P.C. related laws etc. to avoid being labelled racist and dragged before the courts.

Capt. John Arton (ret'd)

Red Lead Ted
6th January 2012, 07:46 PM
I also witnessed a white bosun while i was aboard a Palm Boat down the west coast of Africa kicking crewe boys in the back who were napping during there break and yelling get back to work you lazy B***k B******S and in fear of loosing there job they jumped to his attention. Who was the racist there. It begs the question that i originally asked is it racial initent or pure abuse in both my experience and yours. Rcism is a very hard word to determine in law abuse is a much easier one. So in the best order for all creeds whichever colour drop the word racial abuse and say it as it is abuse of a human being. At least that way we would all be treated by law as one.Best Regards Terry.:deadhorse:

Tony Wilding
6th January 2012, 07:47 PM

Red Lead Ted
6th January 2012, 08:13 PM
[QUOTE=JOHN PRUDEN;78049]is it in our genes has our history

I have come around in a recovery room after 4 major operations on my ankle. And on them 4 occasions i have had a young black nurse sat next to me who was there to observe my full recovery. I also remember doing a 12 month trip while at sea and my best friend mostely because we had a lot in common Music taste ETC... Was the second cook who was a welsh black man as a white scouse guy i remember his parrot flying over the ships side and trying to clamber up the ships side it had no chance and would have drowned. I quickly grabbed a heaving line and lowered it gently down the ships side as we were at anchor and saved his beloved parrot the moral to this story is the nurse was carrying out her duty to oversee a patients recovery ? I was thinking about the poor parrot about to drown. Colour in both cases never came into it its called humanity. I still say there should be a high level debate on the word RACISM...Regrds Terry.:confused:

Jacyn Wade
6th January 2012, 08:53 PM
A word I dislike as well. Not related to being at sea, but during my years in a law office, I was involved in a couple of "racist" incidents, once where I was accused of being racist. I couldn't believe it as it clearly wasn't so, and then had to go on the defense for something I hadn't done!

The second incident involved a piece of "artwork" in a corridor, which depicted a black woman enjoying a view of Paris from a wall. On the side of the piece were the words, "I can't believe I'm in Paris. I just can't believe I'm in Paris." The black girls in the office immediately went into a great harangue about how this piece of artwork was racist and promoting racism. Unbelievable. Well, I tell you, I'd had enough of this. I was quite angry over this and told them all how ridiculous they were being and that if I were in Paris, I'd probably be saying the same thing; it had nothing whatsoever to do with racism, it was just a picture of a woman feeling very happy to be in Paris. Interestingly, it shut them all up and although they were all friends of mine and we'd never had difficulties prior, their attitude towards me improved further.

Just goes to show, sometimes you need to really speak your mind to get a point across. I treat people the way they treat me, regardless of colour, race, etc. Do unto others...

John Pruden
6th January 2012, 10:24 PM
just look at our NHS we could not give the kind of service if it wasn't for the melting pot of colour i personaly have been in the sh.t they gave me my life back and for that i will be forever gratefull there is no place anywhere for racisim in this or any country on the planet. every ones heart is the same colour.john

Tony Morcom
6th January 2012, 10:34 PM
How right you are John. Not only the hearts but the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet. Its just that some people have better sun tans than others. Isn't it interesting that Brits fly abroad to get good sun tans and then moan about the coloureds.

The only thing that pees me off is the ones who come over here to live but won't bother to learn to speak the language. It applies to all nationalities. At my daughters school she is friends with a nice little Chinese lad who speaks perfect English and yet neither his mum or dad can string together a sentence of more than about six words.

Keith at Tregenna
6th January 2012, 11:15 PM

For many years a multi-cultural little Britain has had it's problems, but in the main has stayed pretty much unique. My best buddy of old Steve was just Steve, to other eyes pos described as Half - Caste, nicer bloke you could not have met, the funny thing was he turned a shade of near purple in the sun.

There are good and bad in all, thankfully much good in the many.

May you all be blessed with the good in life, whatever shade.


Neil Morton
7th January 2012, 12:48 AM
Terry mate you have opened up not so much a can of worms as a can of scorpions.
REVENGE,JELOUSY,GREED, and RELIGION.Emotive words all of which can be ascribed to the explosive word RACISM.
People who generate anger between the races do it for a variety of reasons, predominantly the foregoing.
The vast majority of us would "live happily, maybe even love our neighbours", were it not for the agitators using the word as a lever to divide us.
When I worked in Trinidad in the late '50's my best friends were an Indian waiter, a Creole barber, a Chinese doctor, and a Polish salvage diver. We went to parties and clubs where all nations mixed.There was never a problem between North and South Americans, local chinese and indians,europeans and native Trinidadians.Why? Because there was nothing to gain.
Why even in economicaly poor countries where the downtrodden are multitudinous the food and clothing sent from richer countries, with nothing but goodwill in their hearts, is ripped off at the top thus robbing their own kind.
Are we any the wiser after discussions of this kind? Not really because that lever I refered too is always stirring the pot. Jacyn had it right,be of good heart and "do as you would be done by."

Keith at Tregenna
7th January 2012, 01:32 AM
Apparently: The word is often mistakenly thought to be an acronym. What the acronym supposedly stands for, however, varies in the telling:

Westernized Oriental Gentleman

Worthy Oriental Gentleman

Wily Oriental Gentleman

Wonderful Oriental Gentleman

Working On Government Service

The last comes with a legend that the letters were stenciled on the shirts of workmen along the Suez Canal. The story and the acronymic origin, however, are apparently proved to be false.

Apparently there is not one shred of evidence, one article of clothing thus stitched etc.

All evidence of origin does seem to be Nautical virtually involving a banned topic on site, so I will cease now.

Hopefully no one will take offence to the term line crossing and I add a link to a bit of an explanation.

LINK: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line-crossing_ceremony

Was brought up on a belief that the Suez Canal version was true: Only via this post have I learned possibly otherwise ?

Uncertain to what is right or wrong really now, but those that do or attempt no harm to me or mine are OK, the others of any background are not welcome ?


Des Taff Jenkins
7th January 2012, 04:27 AM
Hi All.
Everyone seems to be up in arms over something that has been used for years, it is called working class devision. The maxime of the rich and powerfull that rule the world is and has always been devide and rule. Much as we had the buffer or bosun between us and the deck officers and Captain, so they have the PC brigade mainly from a church or a social group [The Sloan Rangers] etc close but not to close to the top people. Look at Rupert Murdock and his press, how much do you think he influences people with his rubbish newspapers and TV channels, yes he was dragged kicking into the highest court but what did he get compared with his working class news grubbing reporters? They either do what he wants or there is no job. I remember the old stand in line for a job and god help your prospects if you ever got out of line, those days have never changed, just the way it operates, like part time work, short hours, the seething masses are only to ready to call anyone who takes what they consider their jobs racist names, whether it's ******, black, Taff, Chink, Jock,or Paddy, see I'm being racist by not using capitals for ****** or black.
In Australia at the moment we have people screaming over the boat people arriving daily getting what they see as preferential treatment by the Govt, neither they the Govt or the opposition will get together to stop, Why?????? devide and rule.
Cheers Des

Roger Dyer
7th January 2012, 07:36 AM
During the winter of 1964-65 whilst taking an enforced sojourn from sea-life, I obtained work as a labourer at the Standard Bottle Co., Bounds Green, Nth.London. The work involved shovelling sand from railway trucks into smaller skips which were then hauled up to the factory by a small electric locomotive. The work force was separated into four or five teams of two, each man working with the same co-worker every day. The company paid the men for each skip delivered to the factory, a policy which engendered a very good work ethic. My workmate, Edgar Hall, was a Jamaican and one of the nicest people it has ever been my pleasure to meet. He told me something of his life in Jamaica before coming to England where he was now happily settled with his wife and family. Erudite in a down-to-earth sort of way his conversation and warm, friendly manner made him a joy to work with - and work we most certainly did. Apart from the normal five day week, we also worked overtime until noon on Saturday and then all day on Sunday. After work on the Saturday, Edgar and I would join the others in the local pub for a few pints before heading home. Edgar, like the rest of us, was prepared to work hard for what he earned. Reliance upon Government welfare he would have found demeaning. Like most merchant seamen of that time I felt no general animosity towards a man simply because he looked different and that's how it was with Edgar, the colour of his skin mattered not, he was simply my mate. I tell you this only to illustrate my belief that each person should be judged by their attitude to others and the way they conduct themselves rather than their nationality or ethnic appearance. From my association with Edgar I learned that regardless of any cultural differences, if left to their own devices men and/or women are quite capable of forming a genuine friendship, which I feel is just as it should be. As an Englishman I grew up in the mistaken belief that my birthright alone assured that I was somehow better than other people in the world. Thankfully I learned the foolishness of that belief and although unashamed of my 'Englishness', I came to realise that nationalism and racism are so often to be found in the same bed.

In Britain, as in other countries, emerging doctrines resulted in seeing some 'forward-thinking' social scientists, trendy academics, church leaders, politicians and other well-intentioned people embrace the concept of 'multiculturalism' which, during the latter part of the 20th century, has been thrust upon the world, or more significantly, the western world. Whilst noble in concept, increasingly there is a belief that at the present time it's just not working.

Since the end of WWII successive British governments have been totally deficient in the application of a sensible and workable immigration policy. This has resulted in vast numbers of immigrants being crammed into a comparatively small island that has long passed the accepted level for a sustainable population. In hindsight (which we know is a wonderful thing) it is clearly apparent that when admitting such large numbers of people into Britain they were ill-prepared for the problems that would arise and for the great burden it would place upon the social structure of the country. In their folly they could do little to prevent the establishment of large ghettos in Birmingham, Bradford, London and so many other British cities and towns. It seems that in seeking to alleviate problems on the one hand by offering housing and other generous benefits to the migrant community, recent governments have been less than generous or considerate of the needs of the elderly and other deserving members of the British public, the vast majority of whom were born and bred in the U.K. For many, the old adage that ' Charity begins at home' was never more relevant.

In Britain, nowadays, is it so surprising that many folk are beginning to harbour less than kindly feelings towards certain ethnic members of the community. On the other hand, can we really blame the migrant for accepting the hand-outs offered by the Government. In their shoes most of us would probably do the same. I'm sure that most migrants come to Britain fully aware of the generous welfare support on offer and are fully intent on getting the best they can for their families and themselves, which I'm afraid is a perfectly normal human desire. Aware of what is happening in their country, many less-fortunate, indigenous Brits, are understandably angry and that too is a perfectly normal human reaction. They have witnessed the gradual erosion of their own culture and traditions ( no doubt, partly due to membership of the EU) whilst at the same time being urged to embrace the tenets of multiculturalism. Added to that they have to contend with man's greatest modern-day folly, political correctness. In light of the current situation in the U.K. is it any wonder that whilst feeling neglected and/or victimised and frustrated there exists a tendency for some to direct their anger at those of different ethnicity, when, in truth, the root cause of the whole problem is ongoing political incompetence.


Captain Kong
7th January 2012, 08:28 PM
That was right Aba Jan, they were more exploited by their own kind than by the Brits.
I was deported in 1954 from Jamaica after missing the Tilapa , skin boat, two other Stowaways came with me. In Avonmouth I had nothing, just shorts and a shirt, got some old dungies and coat out of the oil skin locker. The other two were met by a Society, of English people, who kitted them out in new suits and shoes, What about me? , I asked, Nothing for you, you live here.was the reply.
The crowd had a tarporlin muster and paid my train fare home.
I see that the Dianne Abbot is stirring up trouble again, On Twitter she again said today, that London Cab drivers are rascist. They do not stop to pick up black people.
Now if I was a taxi driver in some of the dodgy areas of London and three or four black Rastas wave me to pick them up at 2am I dont think I would stop for them.
This morning, I found a beautiful Black Bird lying on my lawn, It lay in a perfect cross position, wings outstretched, I picked it up, On its jet black chest there was Red Blood.
All same as mine. I dug a hole , and buried it in a border under a tree. Sad.

Jacyn Wade
7th January 2012, 10:23 PM
Roger makes a very good point. It is the governments who are responsible for their seemingly preferential treatment of immigrants over natives of their countries. There are a lot of immigrants to Canada, most of which come here for an obviously better life and work very hard to achieve that. However, there are also many who come here, do not take citizenship, commit a crime and are they deported back to their own country? Why, no, of course not. They're put in our prison system where the taxpayers then take care of them for the duration. And then there are those who come here and when political issues erupt in their native lands, they organize road-blocking protests in demand that our government do something about it! Meanwhile, our own indigenous people who were plunked into reservations years ago are suffering in dodgy living conditions and very little is done for them... and they were here before anyone! I stand by my belief that it's the corporations who run the government and the uneducated who perpetrate racism.

Red Lead Ted
8th January 2012, 01:17 AM
I Watch a t.v. programme which many of you may also watch, uk custom control...... Now this although laughable is true a young Indian guy tried to enter this country on a work visa to attend collage? When he was interviewed by customs and asked which collage and what course he was attending his reply was Birmingham, Customs officer asked which collage in Birmingham his reply the one were the queen lives near Birmingham Palace. We to have to many illegals in this country who are brought over by there relatives on phony visas. They dont so much take work away from our own youth they will slum it and live 10 to a room and are being exploited bye there own.I agree with your sentiments completely it is corporation and business that have our country in illegal overload. I dont know how long it takes to deport an illegal in Canada but it can take up to 2 years in the uk in the meantime they have to be fed and watered those that dont disappear into the uk Abbi's. This is what is breading hatred among the youth of this country not all just the few that were born without a brain. There was a guy from sri lanker visiting relatives in Manchester he was quite legal and planned his return after a couple of weeks sadly one of the brainless idiots who cant see past illegals stabbed him and took his life. Again i say this was a hatred crime because they see these people from overseas being successful running small business's. We have a small shop half a kilometre from were i am who if i wanted would open his shop and serve me.I dont know any young white men that i can say the same. So if these brainless idiots want the same success let them start a small business of there own there is nothing stopping them. One thing we should all remember the blood in our veins runs red no other colour regardless of whatever your creed.Thank you for you input its a very interesting thread and seems to me to be a problem in all the ex colonial countries. A guy in the pub tonight said to me this goes back to the time when the colonial white man was the master class and pillaged and took whatever he wanted from any of the colony's. That may be true but without the help of our Canadian friends this country would not have defeated Hitler we will always be indebted to your country for that still the more i read up on the British Empire which has long gone i still cant find this word racism? Regards Jacyn Terry.;)

Roger Dyer
8th January 2012, 04:02 AM
Hi Abadan Jan,

I have read your post #25 with interest and find that I do agree with much of what you say. I have no argument with your comment that those born in the British Colonies or other parts of the Commonwealth felt that they had a right to come and settle in Britain and in a moral sense few would argue with that. What I cannot agree with, is your belief that the 'Government of the day' could do little to control the influx of immigration that took place following WWII. In my view the British Government (or any government if it comes to that) has a 'duty of care' to it's native born citizens and it's primary consideration should be for the welfare of those citizens before acknowledging the rights of others who may seek to take up residence. Surely, every country has the right to exercise control of it's own borders even if by doing so they risk censure from elsewhere.

In 1948 the introduction of the 'British Nationality Act' was the catalyst for the many problems that were to follow. This act was introduced with the prime purpose of stimulating immigration particularly amongst adult males who, it was thought, would increase the work-force and aid in the recovery of an ailing economy that was still suffering the ill-effects of WWII. Some of these men came from Poland and other European countries, but most, particularly in the early days, came from the West Indies. The large influx of migrants from India, Pakistan and several African nations was to follow. Many of the W.I. migrants came, leaving behind a wife and family. When, after a year or two, the families joined the husband/father in the U.K., it occurred to some politicians that, rather than stimulate the economy, it might create a further burden on the British tax-payer. A certain Lord Salisbury was one among many who held this view, but although for several years the matter was the regular subject of Parliamentary debate, nothing was achieved. Finally, in 1962, in an attempt to curb the increasing influx of immigration the Commonwealth Immigration Act was introduced. It was to be the first of several acts which over the years have sought to curb or discourage immigration, but seemingly it has been a case of too little, too late.

Whilst I respect the right of others to disagree, some of whom might point the finger at any number of ethnic groups to identify those responsible for Britain's decline, I still believe that the culpability rests with over 50 years of muddled immigration policy by successive British Governments.

A.J., there is a wealth of information on the web in relation to this very subject and should you care to view it, who knows, you may even alter your opinion about Britain's post-war governments from helplessness to hopelessness.:D

.........regards, Roger

Des Taff Jenkins
8th January 2012, 07:58 AM
Hi Roger.
When John Howard was Prime Minister of Australia he announced that Australians would decide who would come to live here not some People smugglers, and he stopped the boats arriving by sending the illegals to a Pacific Island to be prossesed included the ones off the infamous Tampa. BUT what the public wasn't told that everyone who was sent there; less the170 odd that NZ accepted ended up in Australia anyway. Now the furore is on again three boats already this Jan. But over 100,000 come in by plane and the media say nothing, and who controls the media.
Cheers Des

Louis the Amigo
8th January 2012, 02:05 PM
Hi shipmates,I remember a few years back on khag island in the persian gulf watching a movie with seaman from all around the world in the seaman mission it was full The film was called the war of the worlds it was about a robot who would destroy the planet unless the wars stopped? {a new film then} the cheering and clapping by all the seaman at the end of the film was amazing .if it comes back to the t.v please watch it and you will understand. An old donkeyman told me there good and bad in every race, but its the crooks and cheats cause the probelms in every country All illegals are cheats and should be deported. My view only not the governments Con/libdems or The following The co-operative group, argos, amazon ,asda ,b and q littlewoods ,G.U.S. jamie oliver the t.v chef and many others many big business they all support and employ illegals in the U.K.{ Cheap labour} there are at present 10 places hostels????running at the cost to the taxpayer of 220 million per year 2011 to look after them many are failed asylum seekers. is the reason the pensions for our old people dont go up anymore?:confused::confused::confused:

8th January 2012, 02:31 PM
there are at present 10 places

When you watch the cable channel show " UK Boarder " or similar to that , they raid Chineese , Indian , and Turkish take away food outlets , nick two or three illegals , interview them and then let them go on bail . They have no papers so no one wants them back , especialaly as a burden to China or India or Turkey , we have no where to put them so they are let out on the street , to go about their own lives , they fail to attend their bail meetings and melt to the illegal economy . They know we are a soft touch before they set out . IF !!! we had a bail hostel from hell based somewhere unpleasant weather wise , Northumberland coast , or a Scottish Island , serving porridge for breakfast , pork soup for lunch , and Botswanan Beef for tea , no release until the papers material;ise , then the word will soon spread . What I am suggesting is a Place outside the boarders of the country , like the Guantanamo bay siutuation that I actually don't agree with . Takes a year to get a new passport , living in a 10 x 6 foot breeze block room with an hour a day exercise , and limitless pork and offal , no MK meat ,. no Vegetarian specials . Inhumane , but if the conditionas at their home are so bad this will be an improvement , and they will love it , Human Rights , well , try as it is outside our ( virtual ) boundary , no lawyer access .

( of course in the 1800's we had the answer , It was just so handy when we had the Colonies , we had somewhere to send them and there was good employment for shipping to take them there . Oh how we miss thiose far off territories . ) :th_thth5952deef::thumb_ship:

Jim Brady
8th January 2012, 07:43 PM
My take on it is this,I had no intention of getting involved in the argument because it is a "Hot Potato"
A native of any country should call the tune,so what I am saying is that they are right in whatever that they say in that Country to make the rules and regulations and the law which must be abided to.Therefore having said that we can not have same native going to another Country and then wanting to change the rules of that said Country to suit their culture.What I am saying is "Yes you are right in Jamaica and you do as you wish in your Country but dont come here and want us to change the law to suit you"You cannot be right in two Countries", right in your own yes wrong as a guest in a foriegn land.This RACISIM situation at the moment is the best Recruiting Sergeant for the National Front and BNP,one has tobe very careful of any comment at the moment,beware what you say when you ask for a bar of chocolate in your local shop,if you know what I mean!!!

Captain Kong
8th January 2012, 07:54 PM
In this mornings News there is a story of Four ****** Kurdish children who are now in their late teens and their mother. They come form Turkey. They claimed asylum in Germany and after a while decided to enter Britain. they were held in a detention centre for a while.
Now they have sued the British Government, ie, the Tax Payer of this once great nation. and each one has been awarded a six figure sum of money , the amount will never be disclosed.
One complained that all she had to do was to watch TV all day.
Now hows about that for enterprise.
When I was on tankers I was in detention for six months with no TV and also had to work.
Did I miss out on something??

Jacyn Wade
8th January 2012, 09:51 PM
I apologize, Abadan, if I've offended you in any way, as that was not my intention. My point is, the native people should never have been sent to reservations in the first place. They were here in this country long before the white man showed up. And the treatment of them in those subsequent years has been appalling - I'm speaking partially, of course, about the children being sent to Christian schools, away from their families and then being abused. Yes, our government recently apologized for that, finally. However, I personally do not begrude their not having to pay taxes and I'd much rather our government spend money on them than a lot of the other things they waste money on, for example, interviews and discussions in order to create a website for people immigrating to Canada OR the mating habits of brown squirrels, etc. I'm not racist, but I do believe that charity begins at home; in other words, take care of your own first.

8th January 2012, 10:02 PM
I love Red Squirrels but really dislike the Grey ones , because they are American immigrants and are taking over all the woods and passing the fatal Squirrel pox to the native red ones does that make me Racist ?

Jacyn Wade
8th January 2012, 10:06 PM
The Grey squirrels may think so, Rob, but I'm sure the Red squirrels love you!

Jacyn Wade
9th January 2012, 12:12 AM
It is I who now find your remarks somewhat "racist", as you indicated in an earlier post to Roger. First of all, most of 'them' ARE productive members of the general population, just like the rest of us. They may not be in your general population area, but they are productive no matter where they reside in Canada. Secondly, it is NEVER too late. If everyone thought that way, there would be no progress at all. The reservations have now become their communities. What they require are more of the things offered to new immigrants to Canada.

I will tell you now that I once lived in an area of the country mostly inhabited by aboriginals and have seen firsthand what the white man has caused them, and I know them to be as productive as anyone else.

Lastly, I have found this topic interesting and have been intrigued in the members' thoughts; however, as I am rather passionate regarding certain subjects, I shall refrain from taking this much further.

Roger Dyer
9th January 2012, 02:54 AM
Abadan Jan,

To suggest that I am less than impressed by the failure of post-war British governments to formulate effective immigration policy would be an understatement. To suggest that the contents of my previous posts reveal me to be a racist is both wrong and insulting.

As I have tried to explain, the British Nationality Act, 1948, was introduced in the mistaken belief that by implementing such an act a robust economic future for Britain might be achieved. Whilst no doubt mindful of obligations to the Empire, any altruistic considerations were of secondary importance. Contrary to what you may believe, the purpose of the act was not to reaffirm the right of Commonwealth citizens to enter and reside in Britain, but was initially intended to encourage people, (preferably adult males), to come to Britain to work and hopefully revitalise a struggling economy. This is not a figment of my imagination, it is fact.

It is my belief that in 1948 the Government's long-term vision for Britain was flawed. They failed to see that such an immigration policy had the propensity to generate mass migration to levels that a comparitively small nation such as Britain could not adequately accommodate or sustain. Although it wasn't long before some members of parliament began to doubt the wisdom of such policy, it was not until the implementation of the Commonwealth Immigration Act in 1962, that any attempt was made to reduce the ingress of migrants. Since that time, various acts have been implemented to further reduce migrant influx, but with little effect. Now, with an increasing problem of illegal migration, the situation has gone from bad to worse. All too late, they've come to the realisation that a jug can only hold so much water and now, everyday life is becoming increasingly difficult for many Britons, native and migrant alike. If not with the post-war governments, A.J., where do you think the blame lies?

I was rather taken back by your 'racist' accusation of me to which, of course, you are most certainly entitled. Having experience of previous disagreement with you I am aware that any attempt by me to protest my innocence would be a total waste of my time and yours, but I will say this. If my belief that 'the primary obligation of any Government is to it's native people' makes me a 'racist' in your eyes, then I'm sorry - for you!!!.


John Pruden
9th January 2012, 12:15 PM
as LIVERPOOL has been mentioned on this thread i ask don't you think we are lucky to live in such a wonderful city?? and it may be added the oldest Chinese community in the world. if it was that bad why was it capital of culture that doesn't seem to be a bad place to be deported to? i remain a scouser.john

Ivan Cloherty
9th January 2012, 03:51 PM
Why don't we close this thread, its run its course there seems nothing to add that hasn't already been said on both sides of the fence. Just my humble opinion, but there are more productive threads to follow or create. :cool:


Colin Hawken
9th January 2012, 04:10 PM
I quite agree Ivan.

9th January 2012, 05:00 PM
Hi Terry,
Thank you for opening this Thread it is a long time since I enjoyed such a good read.

Yes Racism is a terrible thing that seems to be every where one looks.
Words that once were used with no one jumping on them are now classed as racist.

A Friend of mine who worked in Ken Livingstone's Council Offices was reprimanded for ordering a black coffee it was to be called 'Coffee with No Milk' I ask you how stupid can it get, but it has as years have gone on up till today.
So Terry I say 'thank you' again for this thread just wish it had been opened earlier.

Jacyn, I agree with what you have said 'about us doing unto others as we would like to be done by', it has been my Motto in life also the words from an old song
'If I can help sombody as I pass along then My living will not be in Vain'
I think the world would be a better place if people took notice of these words.
Hopefully something will change it all one day and racism will be a thng of the past as after all we all bleed 'red blood'. unless I am being fooled???
I agree with those that say this Post has gone its term but really enjoyed it all.
Thank you for a good read Terry
Happy New Year to You and Your Family.
Fondest Love
Tiger Jean xx

Captain Kong
9th January 2012, 05:36 PM
Hi Aba-Jan.
I dont think you can compare the situation in British Columbia with other places on the planet.
Ask an Englishman in Bradford in Yorkshire, if you could find one, or in many other towns like that including my own, where the indiginous peoples of England feel they are threatened by the Extrenely High Immigrant Population. where ***** has taken over.
The price of my house has fallen by 75% in just five years. I cannot move from what used to be a lovely tree lined avenue of really nice friendly people. People who took pride in their community, Their gardens and hedges immaculatly kept. The local Church had garden fetes, annual Sermons parades. Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in there. It is now closed. Two Mosques have been built near by, and a Madrassa in the farmhouse at the end of my once lovely avenue. I cannot park my car near my house sometimes because of the volume of extremely large 4 X4 vehicles bringing their kids to the Madrassa every day.
The Avenue and the gardens of the immigrants are filled with rubbish now as they do not garden as we English used to do. Where the Late old Captain Grey lived two doors away there was a Police raid at 0530 one morning. the avenue full of Police vehicles, they found drugs and stolen property in there, the Immigrant youth was given two and a half years, but will be out in one. and start again. We have had two vehicles of the Immigrants Firebombed in the night by Drug Gang warfare, windows smashed regularly. My once lovely Avenue looked like Belfast during the Troubles in the 70s.
I am trapped.
Please dont tell me I am Rascist.
I am not.
I just dont like the bastards.

Chris Allman
9th January 2012, 08:21 PM
I love these ex pats who think they know everything about the UK, its history and all. They don't live here any more so what gives them the right to pontificate about what goes on here and what we should be putting up with.

Don't tell us what to do in our own country Mr Abadan Jan and don't call us racist either, speaking as you do from Canada, what do you know about what life is like here at present and what we have to put up with, remember, you don't live here any more.


9th January 2012, 10:06 PM
[QUOTE=Captain Kong;
The price of my house has fallen by 75% in just five years. I cannot move from what used to be a lovely tree lined avenue of really nice friendly people. People who took pride in their community, Their gardens and hedges immaculatly kept. The local Church had garden fetes, annual Sermons parades. Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in there. It is now closed.

So if my guess is right Brian you are stuck fast with the other option to be to sell up to them and buy a tent . That happened to my father in law many years ago in Southampton , he was even offered half the then depressed market price as a favour by his Indian neighbour , He took a huge dive on it sold to the council for 2/3 of market value and got a pensioners flat , so I for one know where you stand , between a very hard rock and a really hard place .

I live in the Portsnmouth region , here there were a lot of displaced Londoners who moved South to leave the ethnic invasion , and were / are racially intolerant because thney endured the situation you describe .

I have a perverse mind and think it is a pity that you could not sell up to a family of Irish Travellers , I am thinking poetic justice .

Jacyn Wade
9th January 2012, 10:14 PM
All right, Abadan, I'll bite, as I was a little curious, also being a Canadian. How long have you been here? How did you come here, why did you come here and is it your permanent residence? If not, why not? If you do plan to make it your permanent residence, I suggest you learn a little more about the Canadian aboriginals before you make comments about them.

And by the way, there's no room on this site for racism or bigotry.

Keith at Tregenna
9th January 2012, 10:27 PM
Come the revolution:

The Celts intend to take the whole Country back ?

'Ware-teg" - Fair play.


9th January 2012, 10:32 PM
Come the revolution:

The Celts intend to take the whole Country back ?


They can have it as long as we dont have to eat compulsary Laver bread for breakfast

Ivan Cloherty
9th January 2012, 11:06 PM
[QUOTE=Roger DYER;78261]Abadan Jan,

Roger "there are none so blind as those that will not see"What you don't seem to grasp is the fact that in the days of the "British Empire" all peoples were native British sons as long as they were born under the union jack, be it Bombay, Sydney or Jamaica. And as I tried to point out in my last post, you can not claim "special"treatment from a goverment that was the goverment of ALL in the Empire, and if you do?did you are being racist! And to Ivan if you have nothing constructive to say,why not just sit back, and listen to the Rick-a-tick-tick

Seems to me I've seen nothing constructive in this thread yet, a lot of bitching which is going nowhere but nothing constructive

I've no idea what Rick-atick-tick-tick means, is it shorthand for a load of b*ll*cks :(

Red Lead Ted
9th January 2012, 11:15 PM
Hey hey hey I din't call you guys racist(well maybe I implied it to one guy due to his misconceptions)as there is no one more racist than I(see my post re my mother country the Scots) and may I also enlighten you to the fact I travel back to dear old blighty on a egular basis, so I am not entirely in the dark as to the goings on back there,plus the fact I have rellies in Inverness, Glasgow, Perth,Leeds, York, manchester, London and Brighton so can paint a very good picture as to the strive involved!That is why I have the deepest sypathy for Cap't Kong having been involved in a similar situation over there. Before you slag a guy make ssure you know something about him I notice you never inquired as to how long I have been in Canada, how I got here and whether it is my permanent residence.Have a nice day regards AJ

I started this thread as a serious problem that needs debating seriously up to now you have slagged of Liverpool, You have admited being Racist to at least one member. What the hell are you posting for it seems to me like you would be the type of guy who know girl would want her mother to meet. Most of your posts are contradicting themselves you have contacts all over the uk and i think you are saying you are Scottish:confused: My brother is married to a scotch girl i go up there quite often but never met anyone like you if you would stop your bloody moaning about your life and posted something positive regarding the subject of racism and stop harking on about the British Empire you might get a bit of positive feedback. Ihave sixteen half cast cousins who all agree with the confusion surrounding this word Racism. Page 2 in todays Daily Mirror Tabloid and i quote,,,British workers are amongst the most {BULLIED} In the world with 70% claiming they have been harassed at work. Some 36% admitted they had broken down in tears from cruel taunts and abuse from bosses-But 10% said they had been physically attacked. Recruitment website MONSTER Carried out the research. European workplaces are the most dangerous with Spanish bosses being the most violent BULLYING Is something that should certainly be on the EUROPEAN employers radar. NOT A BLOODY MENTION OF RACISM WHEN IT COMES TO THE BRITS WORKING ABROAD. So put the British Empire were it is dead and gone and lets have some positive input and if you ever get deported i would advise you with your attitude dont choose my city LIVERPOOL You wont last 5 minutes. Ivan Rick atick-tick-tick i have been around the block m8 but by my own admission never sailed the sea of tranquility unlike Abadan Terry.:rolleyes:

Keith at Tregenna
9th January 2012, 11:17 PM
Why don't we close this thread, its run its course there seems nothing to add that hasn't already been said on both sides of the fence. Just my humble opinion, but there are more productive threads to follow or create. :cool:


Come the revolution: Know one to be blindfolded and first against the wall.

The revolution is purely fiction ? Even when times get tough we both know where our bread is buttered and who our friends are: Sweden - Joke !


Jim Brady
9th January 2012, 11:22 PM
The media are responsible for whipping up this racial hysteria,every time you open the paper or turn on the TV it is in your face.People who are very tolerant and have not got a racial bone in their body are talking about it and exclaiming how it is now beginning to annoy them.To give you an idea you know about the recent football furoreJohn Terry and Saurez.This week a black Oldham player was allegedly racialy abused by a Liverpool supporter from the Kop,notice I said A supporter.The TV cameras have been camped out outside Liverpools ground reporting that a black player was racialy abused by the Cop.The Cop hold some 12.000 supporters so there in Liverpools ground was 12,000 racist.A man in his 20's has been arrested and bailed,not guilty of anything at the stage.Some say he said you Manc Bstd (Manc refering to somebody from manchester)This mass reporting whipped up by the media has meant that web sites have been set up renaming Anfield (Liverpools ground) as KU KLUX KLANfield.Liverpool F.C. and it's supporters are known as a very tolerant football club,this by the way is not being said by a supporter of L,F,C,
Another case at the moment is that of Stephen Lawrence(S.L. was murdered by 5 white youths 18 years ago)Two men now in their 30's have now just been convicted and gaoled for 14 and 15 years.As the murder was carried out when they were in their youth this is the tariff that the judge was able to give them by law.
It was a terrible crime and they did deserve what was handed out to them.The papers are screaming out Gaol Them For Life If They Dont Disclose The Names Of The Other Three Involved.If the accused were black what are the odds of those headlines appearing in the paper.
Stephen Lawrences father has just been on the TV,he has moved back to the West Indies as it a far safer place than the streets of London,he fears for his grandchildren still living in the U.K. I would say if you are a black youth living in London you have more chance of being killed by another black than a white.The black on black crime in the Capital is way out of control.
As a matter of interest if this young man in Liverpool who was arrested for the racial abuse apologises just like our M.P. Dianne Abbott made an apology do you think no further action will be taken against him!!!


Keith at Tregenna
9th January 2012, 11:33 PM
Sorry not mentioning the really bad seemingly retorts about the Welsh, just a spelling mistake, was going to talk of my Aunty Welch of:

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch.

Nos Da:


Red Lead Ted
9th January 2012, 11:40 PM
[QUOTE=Jim Brady;78341]The media are responsible

They are all jumping on the gravy train the charge this Liverpool supporter is facing is {AGRAVATED RACIAL ABUSE} I wonder who dreampt that one up. Bloody ridiculous Regards Jim Terry.:cool:

happy daze john in oz
10th January 2012, 04:34 AM
In the days of Queen Victoria anyone born in a country of the Empire as it was then was entitled to live in UK if they wished. Times have changed and much of the problem is not racism as such but rather the work of the 'doo good; brigade. Here in Oz much of this is lead by the "Greens' who think thta just about anyone who knocks on the door should be let in. We have politicians who say we are a wonderful example to the world of how a multi racial society should be. But the fact is there are thousands of people living here as part of our imigration program who will never intigrate or want to.
just returned from a cruise to see our Kiwi friends, and they have no problem with being called that, on a ship with 97 different nationality of crew members. They work together with no problem, but some of the bloods aboard obviously do have one. I heard many a racist comment from some, and often some who you would have thought not capable of it. But we had two on a table next to us at dinner, italian extraction who have ben in Oz for over 40 years. Both were very polite and always said hello, but the fact was they had little English after all this time. One of the head waiters was an Italian and they would only speak with him when it came to menu choice. So who is the racist here? Is it the customer or is it the head waiter who could have easily ignored them.
But in truth racism has been around as long as man kind has and will continue in some form or other for ever. No matter how hard governments or 'do gooders' try they will never be able to make someone like somone else no matter where they are from, it is a personal choice.

Louis the Amigo
10th January 2012, 09:06 AM
Hi shipmates Hi john Pruden you are right about Liverpool and the chinese commuity it was on the T.V. before xmas the Chinese have bought all the old docklands and a few waste grounds and where the factorys were, to make a mega city this will be the biggest chinese city outside China estimate over 300,000+will live there for a start with many workers from China and new business will employ thousands'of local workers The government con/libdem has given the permission for the building to start What will the new city be called?

Captain Kong
10th January 2012, 09:14 AM
China town??????

10th January 2012, 10:44 AM
It wasn't my intention to get involved on this one, but have to confess that in general it's been a good debate. My opinion of racism, is quite simple if a person or persons don't like what they hear shout racist. I once worked with a Indian chap who openley addmitted that there were moore prejudise and racist in his country than any other Country in the world, (his words not mine) and that for me, sums up exactley what we in the UK have imported through migration from that continent. When I was at sea no ships would of sailed had all the crews taken offence at the names we called each other and our prisons would have been over crowded with Racists. In to-days world the term Racist is a way of dominating anouther person,or persons by law and getting ones own way.Roger D you are wright to a point regarding the politicians and our Goverments, they haven't helped but in the Weston World, we the ellectorate are responsible for what governance we whant, or get, and there hasn't been a reel change in Goverment since the Labour party won it's first term in office under Ramsey MacDonald way back. I also agee with those of you that are blaming the Media for the problem, I sometimes wonder who does run this Country, the Goverment or the Meadia and i'm shure they brainwash many members of the public, and Polititions.
in Southampton

John Pruden
10th January 2012, 11:29 AM
Hi shipmates Hi john Pruden you are right about Liverpool and the chinese commuity it was on the T.V. before xmas the Chinese have bought all the old docklands and a few waste grounds and where the factorys were, to make a mega city this will be the biggest chinese city outside China estimate over 300,000+will live there for a start with many workers from China and new business will employ thousands'of local workers The government con/libdem has given the permission for the building to start What will the new city be called?i must have slept through that program Louis but having said that anyone that's slags of LIVERPOOL the bulk have never step foot in the city? you find the dopes say they leave your car on bricks???? why pinch the wheels when there is a perfectly good car attached to them? you can tell a scouser {BUT YOU CAN'T TELL HIM MUCH}:cool::D

alf corbyn
10th January 2012, 11:46 AM
i have enjoyed this thread, thank you one and all especially red lead ted.
i think we are all racist but many are scared to admit it. i know that i am racist. there are many black, brown, coffee coloured people that i have known as friends, and many i hate mainly because of thier (bad attitude) as they put it. they deliberatly pick arguments knowing that they can always, and do, employ the race card. i have been taken before the local(enfield) council by a jamaican woman, and who was the council rep? an arab. i went to sign on after an illness and was told by a pakistani girl who couldn't speak coherent english that as there were no suitable jobs i had to take what she gave me!. i eventually left enfield where i was born and moved to plymouth, but they are creeping in down here too. i could tell many tales of black racism but i guess many of you are the same as me frightened into silence by a stupid government who are taxing everyone but still living high off the hog and riding around in gas guzzling jags, a german car. and they ask you to buy british. i'll wait for the knock on the door. alf

Captain Kong
10th January 2012, 12:04 PM
Very True , Alf.

Roger Dyer
10th January 2012, 01:06 PM
Hello George, .....post #65 refers

Mate, I don't think that anyone would disagree with your comment that, generally speaking, in the western world we, the electorate, are responsible for electing our fellow citizens to whom we entrust the task of safeguarding the interests of our country and it's citizens. Unfortunately, once elected, rarely do they honour the pledges and promises made when seeking office. How can we tell whether that man/woman who looks so decent and sounds so intelligent and sincere, is the genuine article or just another one of those deceitful, self-serving individuals that seem so commonplace these days? Still, perhaps that's the way it's always been.

George, I once heard someone describe a good politician as a person who places the interests of his political party above all else whereas a statesman regards the interests of his country and it's people as paramount. I know which I'd prefer. Sadly, nowadays, statesmen/women are thin on the ground.

.......regards, Roger.

Red Lead Ted
10th January 2012, 02:21 PM
i have enjoyed this thread, thank you one and all especially red lead ted.
i think we are all racist but many are scared to admit it. i know that i am racist. there are many black, brown, coffee coloured people that i have known as friends, and many i hate mainly because of thier (bad attitude) as they put it. they deliberatly pick arguments knowing that they can always, and do, employ the race card. i have been taken before the local(enfield) council by a jamaican woman, and who was the council rep? an arab. i went to sign on after an illness and was told by a pakistani girl who couldn't speak coherent english that as there were no suitable jobs i had to take what she gave me!. i eventually left enfield where i was born and moved to plymouth, but they are creeping in down here too. i could tell many tales of black racism but i guess many of you are the same as me frightened into silence by a stupid government who are taxing everyone but still living high off the hog and riding around in gas guzzling jags, a german car. and they ask you to buy british. i'll wait for the knock on the door. alf

True story m8 i kid you not, Back in the 80s when Lpool had the Toxteth riots the riots were conducted by both black@white both fed up in this city with life under Thatchers government. I went to London to work for a while i managed to get digs in Harrow i entered the social security office as i had to work a week in hand and wanted help with my rent and living, The social security office resembled the DJEDDA Gold market and when i was eventially seen by a lady from asia i was told if i didnt leave the building they would call the police because i kicked up that much of a rant over who was getting assistance and the fact that i was told to go to Brent and claim there:confused:Apparently harrow didnt deal with white cases only Ethnic minorities that is a true tale m8 and that was back in the 80s whats it like now?????????? Regards Terry.:cool:

Jacyn Wade
10th January 2012, 04:21 PM
Looks like the cat has finally got Abadan's tongue...

Alf, I had been thinking the same thing, that we all have a little bit of the racist in us... or is it just simply the behaviour of a group of people make their entire race (or culture, if you will) look bad??? Hard to say, isn't it? Even within our own countries we make fun of different areas, i.e. the apparent jokes about Liverpudlians, Welshmen, etc. In Canada, it's Newfoundlanders, or Newfies, who bear the brunt of local jokes, but always very goodnaturedly (personally, I think it should be people from Manitoba).

I have a cousin who is half Canadian aboriginal. A few years ago he married a Hindu girl. The wedding was something else. It was a shortened version of a Hindu wedding (which apparently last 3 days) and was performed by an old Hindu man. After the Hindu bit, there was a brief native Canadian ceremony, which the Hindu gent introduced with words such as "please be patient; after we are finished, there is going to be a small Canadian rite performed..." in the most condescending manner. There were a few insulted people as a result, let me tell you. So what did this say about the Hindus to the non-Hindu group in attendance??? Looks bad on them so what do they expect???

It's the behaviour of people themselves that cause racism and bigotry really. Can't blame a whole race for the actions of a few... with the possible exception of the Nazis! (There, I said it so let's see what happens now.)


Graham Payne
10th January 2012, 04:25 PM
What about us poor "Ginger People " :(:rolleyes:
To my fellow abused Carrot tops
"I Say "
( Stand Firm, We Can Take It ) :cool:

Michael Lawrence
10th January 2012, 04:31 PM
I wasn't going to post on this, but racism has always been around in some form or other. Before so many coloured ethnic races moved here, we use to slag off each other. Thieving Scousers, sly Taffies, stuck up home counties, tight Scots, loudmouthed Cockneys'. Swede bashing yokels. We're are full of racism in some form or another. Remember those 10-00 Poms who took a cruise to Oz, Kiwi,. Canada, and South Africa and how some of 'em didn't realise they were going to have work for a living, but were convinced they were going to the land of Milk and Honey.
My take on Diane Abbot is a loud mouthed Black woman who puts her mouth ab out without engaging gear. BUT we have plenty of White politicians like that too. We also have plenty of bent Bastards, lets not forget Mandelson, Blair, and all those other good followers of the New labour party who got their snouts in the trough, one or two were coloured and also of the oh so upright Tory party(excuse me while I spit) and that useless orange group.
Am I a racist? I like to thing not but I have used those terms or thought them which are in my first paragraph. Hopefully I've grown up and grown wiser and heard your arguments about living conditions and how property has been devalued by the communiety that has moved in where you live. I live in a small drive of bungalows in a 'white' area. Do I get trouble? Yes, its usually from mindless parents who allow their offspring to ride their 125cc machines up and down the area normally without helmets and not one of them is a 'black kid'. This world is made up of different colours, creeds, religeons and the world is getting smaller and we have to learn to live with it. If one should be concerned then my worries are with the purveyors of ***** especially the poisonous variety that is preached in the v'madrassas and used to polute and radicalise young men and possibly women to believe in a state of perfection where they will enter Paradise thru acts of violence.
I have nothing else to add but I'm glad my formative years were in the 50's when life 'SEEMED' so much simpler(something like myself):p;):D

Captain Kong
10th January 2012, 05:16 PM
If they came to this country and behaved themselves, improved them selves and were friendly and sociable it would be OK. But we seem to get the "animals" who are out not only to destroy what we have but to turn our country into another cess pit that they have left.
My Neighbours are only fit to inhabit the mud huts on the Khyber. They do not want to mix or intergrate, They dress as the Taliban do, They only speak the language of the Khyber,
They spit every where, I was in hospital on the main corridor when a group of them waiting for a lift to the Maternity ward, One woman lifted her Veil and spit a Big Gob onto the corridor floor.
I shouted "You Dirty Bastard" they just stared at me then got into the lift and disapeared. I had to stand there to stop people standing in it until I saw a young Nurse. I called her and showed her, She says "Did you do that?" NO, I want someone to clean it up. then she went and got a Porter, he said they are doing it all the time. No wonder there are a lot of infections in the Hospitals.
One day we may get the decent ones coming in, until then.............

---------- Post added at 05:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:42 PM ----------

VW have a Black Mini car. It is painted Black, Complaints are now coming in about the colour of the paint. What kind of a Crazy world are we now living in. I have a Black Car, am I going to have to get rid of it? before I am attacked?
I despair, If people do not like it They have the FREEDOM to go elsewhere. .
There is a photo of a black Mini on the page. on MAIL ONLINE.
.Supermini that drove into a PC storm: Volkswagen's latest car in controversy over 'black up!' modelBy Ray Massey, Transport Editor

Last updated at 2:54 AM on 10th January 2012

As a leading carmaker Volkswagen is revered for its radical thinking and engineering genius.

Sadly for the German business, it is a little less adept when it comes to extricating itself from a PR nightmare.
With the launch of its new ‘up!’ supermini looming, the firm decided on a few special editions to boost sales of the model.
Stalled: The 'black up!' - a version of Volkswagen's new supermini - was dropped in the UK over fears it could cause offence to ethnic minorities
One, however, proved a little controversial. While the ‘white up!’ was always on safe ground, the ‘black up!’ was clearly heading for trouble.
UK bosses blocked the name fearing that if it was used in Britain, it could give offence to ethnic minorities – because of the connotation of white actors and singers ‘blacking up’ to perform as minstrels.

The solution they came up with however was hardly inspired. Bosses simply decided to reverse the words and call it the ‘up! black’.
Funnily enough, no one has been convinced and a PR storm that could have been averted now refuses to blow over.
Matthew Collins, of campaigning organisation Hope Not Hate, branded the name ‘insensitive’.
He said: ‘In this country at the moment we seem to be dealing with an explosion in racism and these are not the wisest of words to have been chosen.’
Volkswagen said there were no plans to change the ‘black up!’ name on the Continent because, as foreign words in European countries, they did not have the same ‘resonance’ as in Britain.
A spokesman said: ‘We recognised the potential sensitivity and reversed the wording.’

Read more: Supermini that drove into a PC storm: Volkswagen's latest car in controversy over 'Black up!' model | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2084427/Supermini-drove-PC-storm-Volkswagens-latest-car-controversy-Black-model.html#ixzz1j4nuvCdI)

Ivan Cloherty
10th January 2012, 06:21 PM
I must say I am more than a little dissapointed in my Scouse shipmates, I was sure that they, for sure , would spot a "wind up",

So thats what Rick-atick-tick-tick (post #47) means.......... a"wind up"

and is "wind up" short for I think I'm losing the argument here so I'll call it a "wind up" and hope nobody notices

Just an observation from someone with nothing constructive to add :rolleyes:

Jim Brady
10th January 2012, 06:58 PM
Hi Jan, (I can't call you AJ as there is only one AJ on this site as far as I'm concerned)What is a real girl friend by the way? I cannot speak for my fellow scousers but I could see that was said as a joke and I did not take offence to it.There has been a lot of adverse comments made at you and about you,have any of your posts been deleted? I have been right through and read all your posts and unless I'm a bit thick I can't see what all the hostility is about.There are two posting on here made by the same poster and I'm afraid if I was the recipient of these postings I would be more than annoyed and let the individual concerned know about it.

Red Lead Ted
10th January 2012, 10:40 PM
When you read the post by A.J. Why would he have friends in every city in the country other than Lpool. And then finish his post with it could be worse you could be deported to Lpool. You and i both know there is a lot of stigma attatched to sousers. All of a sudden he was about To marry a scouse girl Why didnt he put that in his original post :confused: and he was on a wined up dont think so Jim he has been backed into a corner which he is trying to get out of. I personally couldnt give a monkeys for A.J. or his views i dont loose sleep over such trivialities. This was always meant to be a serious debate on an ever growing problem in the uk. I intend to email Joe Anderson Lpool city council leader and ex seaman himself and direct him to the views posted on this site regarding racism posted bye the most experienced people in the world to pass judgment we lived it and wore the tee shirt ex seaman. It is without doubt becoming a big issue in the uk you know that yourself from what has happened at Anfield of late. If Vern or Brian want to end this thread before we all start getting at each others throats i dont have a problem. But dont be kidded by A.J. After the event i have sat and had a coffee with you in your house you are a gent as a result i refuse to squabe with you or anyone else who has put positive input into this thread and lets hope those in power and higher can see this pulling of the race card for what it is. A load of codswallop. I wish you well as always Regards Terry.;)

Doc Vernon
10th January 2012, 10:58 PM
I have put forward a vote on this Terry,to be fair to all,so will see how it goes within the next 48Hours!


Red Lead Ted
10th January 2012, 11:10 PM
[QUOTE=JacynWade;78408]Looks like the cat has finally got Abadan's tongue...

That must have been some bloody wedding to attend ???? Canadian Aboriginal, Hindu, non Hindu, Canadian Nationals. Dont tell me Cap Kong was there he had to be related to one of them Regards Terry :D:D:D

Captain Kong
10th January 2012, 11:13 PM
I was away that time Terry, I was on a Harrison Boat so I missed out on the free ale. I just love Molsons.

Keith at Tregenna
10th January 2012, 11:33 PM
Do you want this Thread to be closed or left open:

Vote YES

Vote NO

Is that YES to Do you want this Thread to be closed

and NO to left open:

A hint to a Welsh revolution and now a Mass Debate ?

Ha Ha !


See the Vote add now Keith!

Jacyn Wade
10th January 2012, 11:45 PM
Yes, Terry, it was quite a wedding. Worst food I ever ate... and no ale, if I recall!

And thanks, Keith. I was going to ask the same question. It's difficult to answer yes or no to an "either/or" question...

Although I agree it's a great issue to debate, I think it got a little out of hand so my vote is to close the thread, with all due respct to Terry's intentions. It seems clear to me that most of us feel the same way about racism, and it has no place here... or anywhere for that matter.

See Vote add now please Jacyn Sorry for any confusion on this!

Red Lead Ted
11th January 2012, 12:17 AM
For your information i live next door to John, And when my mother was dying the rest home she was in was at the bottom of Jims road. You will never split scouse friendship, You dont create it you live it. You can rant all you want my friend it will get you know where.We will live and be around each other and there for each other for as long as the good lord intends. You are here today and gone tomorrow Good day Terry.:D P.S. Where in Garston did this girlfriend of yours live i could take you on a magical mystery tour of Garston. Or maybe you cant remember?

Red Lead Ted
11th January 2012, 02:31 AM
[QUOTE=Abadan Jan;78424]I must say I am more than a little dissapointed ]

IF THE OLD GREY MATTER GOING THEN FORGET IT. There are more pubs with the name Anchor in or were in the Garston area than you can imagine i think you are getting mixed up with Garston and the Dingle area. Regards Terry.;)

happy daze john in oz
11th January 2012, 05:36 AM
China town??????

Naughty, Naughty Brian such a name may be considered racist by some. As for your black car, well mate I alos have a problem, have a white one, I am being racist? What i will never enderstnd is why they leave a cess pool to go to another country for a better type of cess pool becasue thta is what they try to develop. But the bit I hate the most is the ugly ones, you know the one who cover them selfs from head to foot. As a young lad growing up we never had anything like this, what has happened to the world. Oh and by the way according to Vernon and Roger I am a mexican becausr i live south of the murray.

Doc Vernon
11th January 2012, 06:20 AM
Now pray tell me John where did you get that from?
South of the Murray! Gosh is that now in Mexico!?? haha!
But really cannot recall saying that!?? Got me confused with some other Vern!!LOL!:D

according to Vernon and Roger I am a mexican because i live south of the murray :eek:

So now what will i be living west of the devide!
A Mountain Goat i reckon.:)

Roger Dyer
11th January 2012, 08:55 AM
Oh and by the way according to Vernon and Roger I am a mexican becausr i live south of the murray.[/QUOTE]

Hi John,

Your geographical position has nothing at all to do with it,, old boy, it's simply that over-sized sombrero you wear these days and the pack mule you take down to the local Woolies when you do the weekly shop. Tongues are wagging, mate.:D

......cheers, Roger.

John Pruden
11th January 2012, 09:47 AM
:smashPC:you lads have give me a cracking idea!!!!!! the next time that west African traffic warden gives me a ticket i am having him done!!!!! i drive a white{can i say that white} car? come on boy's we live in a multi cultural society and unless there is a mass migration like India before Pakistan was born the empire has gone we should learn to live with each other there is good and bad in all races? gone are the days of a jolly boat landing on a beach and say this is ours? just my view john:D

11th January 2012, 10:47 AM
Hi Roger, Re your post #69
I agree with what you say, but my point is why do the masses keep electing these Polititions time after time.
IE ten years Tories, then ten years Labour. and how many people read the Political Party Manifests before making up there mined to vote, like insurance policies, you need to read the small print. And worse still becouse of the mistrust of Polititions we are begining to see minority Governments, in so much that of recent years less than half the elegible voters in the UK bother to vote. Terry very sorry for the divergance but I believe it to be a part of your original question.
in Southampton

Captain Kong
11th January 2012, 10:57 AM
That is right no one seems to have an open mind about voting.
I have met many a man who have always said the same.........
"I vote Labour cos me Dad voted Labour and his Dad before him. and he always swore by Kier Hardy`s cap."" as an example. without thinking, is the party or candidate the right choice
I cannot vote Labour because all the Candidates and my MP are all Pakistani born. So obviously not the right Party or Candidate. That is not a Rascist statement, just a fact of today Britain.

happy daze john in oz
11th January 2012, 11:37 AM
George mate it matters not who is in power, the crap is always the same. Read the fine print if you will but the fact remains what is in it will not come to being. They are the only people in the country who can promise you the earth before coming into office then only deliver you a bucket of dirt once in. They would sell their mothers soul to get the power, and that is all it is about, power. The power to tell you how to live your life, who can live next to you, what countries will be allowed to send people in no matter what the voters think.What you can and cannot say or do, it is total power thay they in most cases mis use just to get what they think you should have. they will tell you they know what is best for you, you may not like that but the fact remians they know best. Well they think they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Arton
11th January 2012, 12:40 PM
Hi all
On top of it alldo not forget the trough that all politicians of all creeds get their snouts into the minute they are elected, either at local or national level
My local M.P. made 400000 last year on after dinner speaking etc, this on top of his M.P.;s salary plus his 50000 p/afrom Sunderland football club as a non executive director or some such title.
Do he do anything for his constitutents.... nad, nad not a bluddy thing.
Nice work if you can get it and his party is not even in Goverment.
I guess the above is going to set off another rant from many as the reason most of us do not bother to vote is because most politicians these days are useless irrespective of their parties and only seem interested in feathering their own beds.
What they all need is a 12 month voyage on a bad feeding old tramp ship that is held together only by the hard work of all on board or aproduct tanker on the Lake Maricaibo to Curacocao run, to give them a proper dose of realism
Capt. John Arton (ret,d)

John Pruden
11th January 2012, 04:17 PM
my father always told me the two things in life you will never see A POOR M.P and a BOOKIE RIDING A BIKE? and its true:D

11th January 2012, 04:26 PM
To the members who have opted for Not Sure

It always annoys me to see the people in a poll who are Undecided/Not Sure.
What's to be Not Sure about?...either you want the forum to stay or be pulled.End of....

Its people like you who have prevented many a good(and better) party from getting into power in this country.

Sitting on Fences does nothing to resolve a situation...it just gives you a sore ass.So vote Aye or Nay !

alf corbyn
11th January 2012, 04:34 PM
i would like to see a law that mp's must live in a constituancy for at least five years before being elected and if he/she loses their seat cannot be elected for another constituancy, thereby stopping them from being elected. alf

Captain Kong
11th January 2012, 05:39 PM
To the members who have opted for Not Sure.
Hi Davy, I have forgotten what I voted for, so I was going to vote again, YES or NO, but it says I have already voted, so cannot change anything.


Keith at Tregenna
11th January 2012, 08:52 PM
In another world where all is similar, the only difference in the peoples are some are Tall and some are short and some have flatter heads, the taller people would always have somewhere to rest a pint, while they chatted to some one at the same level.


Doc Vernon
11th January 2012, 09:07 PM
Aye Capt
Only one Vote per person,like the real thing haha!:)
Once Voted thats it,no can change!

Looks like the Majority have voted Aye!

Keith at Tregenna
11th January 2012, 09:23 PM
When is the deadline, never had a casting vote and will go last, if pos.

Meanwhile, this has proved interesting, I would hold my hands up to be an original doubter and uncertain, as said, as to a some it could be a delicate topic. I will leave all in the hands of the site fathers, but would love to have the last say ! that is unless then my last say continues all, boy this could go on and on. Any movie makers looking in, some great ideas for a soap ?

Could have recommended abandoning one, but got a like, so he has to be a mate now ?

Ha Ha !


Doc Vernon
11th January 2012, 09:40 PM
When is the deadline, never had a casting vote and will go last, if pos.

This is from the time i put the vote post on Yesterday!

Yesterday, 09:58 AM (Wednesday 11th Jan 2012 Aussie Time)


Keith at Tregenna
11th January 2012, 10:03 PM
You have wrecked my dream:

Not understanding in anyway, upside down land time was forced to vote early, lest I missed it:

All in your hands now.


If you were taller, could rest my can on your head, while chatting to others on the same level.

Thought for today: Please see the long and the short and flat heads:

Ha Ha.

Red Lead Ted
11th January 2012, 11:42 PM
Been a good thread i thank all for there input and hope knowone has fallen out with each other RACISM Isuppose will always be amongst us but what we have to take and hope from most views in these posts those who pull the race card can expect to have it thrown back at them. I have no problem Living in a multiracial society {MAINLY THANKS TO CAP KONG}:D But i must and do stand by my original post if a spade can call a spade a spade then why cant the rest of us. Its not always Abuse certain people in the world want to lighten up. And in the words of the late great John Lennon {GIVE PEACE A CHANCE} For the sake of if not ourselves our next generation of youngsters who are on a hideing to nothing and this is the last thing they need. Thanks for a good debate lads. If the lord has given me the black spot for something i have said and wont allow me past the pearly gates???????? It wont matter that much because i wont know anyone. :D:D Regards all for 2012 Terry.

Les Woodard
12th January 2012, 10:32 PM
Well as far as I am concerned there is and never was any racism around. There are people who I like and there are lots I can not stand. The same could be said about me that there are people who like me and a lot who can not stand me. So to those that I do not like it does not matter what colour, creed or bloody sex they are as I still will not urinate on them if they where on fire. My problem with it all is there are to bloody many out there that are to scared to speak their own mind and are being led around by the short and curlies by politicians and religous nuts. Just think of it this way. We as free speaking individuals are entitiled to speak up where those that are trying to gag us can not because they are looking at obtaining public standing so therefore have to watch what they say and in so doing want to keep the rest of us suppressed. Seems also that there are those on site that want to express their anger at others because of where they live just because they do not agree with each others views. Grow some testicals and speak up. Like the old saying up north (I think). Lets call a spade a spade and leave the polical correct talk to those that have bought it upon themselves to conform.

Keith at Tregenna
12th January 2012, 10:54 PM


Just asked her indoors before posting re: LETHAL WEAPON 2:

Probably to some if not many the funniest moment in the filummmmm !

One integral moment where the term: DE-KAFFE-NATED was used.

I double checked with her as she is a Die Hard Fan and has re-watched this film many times, prior to now Decafe was coffee.

I cannot recall any out cry then or since, many will still will not get the point unless from SA etc.

In movie terms then this was humour, almost the type of normal banter between peoples before PC.


Virtually all jokes are recycled, the English joke about the Welsh?, Americans tell the same about the Mexicans, the Belgians about the French, the Irish about the Culchees and on and on.

What we need is more humour and a World having a laugh with each other, at each other: but no one really taking the actual piz.


Doc Vernon
12th January 2012, 11:03 PM
Well the timeframe for the Vote is now up,and we have a leading vote to close this thread,this is the decision of the Members !
So thank you all for your vote
It has been a fair discussion,but like others think it has now run its course!
Thanks for putting it up to start with Terry!

Now closing !!