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Doc Vernon
2nd January 2012, 11:34 PM
Hi Terry
Now not too sure as to waht you really need,but here are a few Links that may or may not be usefull to you!

English Channel Charts, English Channel Boating Charts (http://www.harbourguides.com/charts.php/English-Channel)

EVC Online! - - ENGLISH CHANNEL NAUTICAL CHARTS - (http://www.cartographic.com/xq/asp/english/channel/nautical/charts/navmode.r/rid.5000043/tid.2/sid.0/cid.0/vid.0/oid.0/qx/hub/index.asp)

Charts (http://www.outdoorgb.com/c/charts_pilots_almanacs/)

App Store - Marine Imray Charts: English Channel (http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/marine-imray-charts-english/id419381882?mt=8)

Home (http://www.ukho.gov.uk/PRODUCTSANDSERVICES/PAPERCHARTS/Pages/Home.aspx)