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Keith at Tregenna
25th December 2011, 10:26 PM
Boxing Day:

We all know that Boxing Day is the day after Christmas day, We all know too that it is a great day for taking it easy and recovering from the activities associated with Christmas Day.

Many of us also know that the reasons for it's name are not clear, but may have something to do with boxes given to staff as they went home the day after Christmas having been working to ensure their employers had a thoroughly enjoyable Christams.

But did you also know that alms boxes were placed in churches on Christmas Day and that these were opened the day after and the contents distributed amongst the poor of the parish?

Or that during the Age of Exploration ships would carry 'lucky' Christmas Boxes? These boxes would be placed on the ship by the priest before it left port and sailors would be encouraged to drop coins in to it. The box was then sealed and kept on board for the length of the voyage. If the ship returned safely to port the sealed box was handed back to the priest who kept it sealed until the next Christmas when it would be opened and the contents distributed to the poor.


Keith at Tregenna
25th December 2011, 10:27 PM
The 12 Days of Christmas:

In England, between 1558 and 1829, it was not legal for Catholics to practice their kind of Christianity in private or in public. Being a Catholic was treated as a bad crime.

'The Twelve Days of Christmas' was written in England at the beginning of this time. Some people think that it was written to help children learn about their Catholic religion.

If you were to receive all the presents in the song, you'd get 364!

Day 1 - receive 1 gift
Day 2 - receives 3 additional gifts, making 4 total gifts
Day 3 - receives 6 additional gifts, making 10 total gifts
Day 4 - receives 10 additional gifts, making 20 total gifts
Day 5 - receives 15 additional gifts, making 35 total gifts
Day 6 - receives 21 additional gifts, making 56 total gifts
Day 7 - receives 28 additional gifts, making 84 total gifts
Day 8 - receives 36 additional gifts, making 120 total gifts
Day 9 - receives 45 additional gifts, making 165 total gifts
Day 10 - receives 55 additional gifts, making 220 total gifts
Day 11 - receives 66 additional gifts, making 286 total gifts
Day 12 - receives 78 additional gifts, making 364 total gifts received.

Ah well theres always next year !