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Keith Tindell
20th November 2011, 06:24 PM
Hi, Just been watching the national news here in the UK, and was showing the old Stirling Castle when she went to Tristan Da Cuna to evacuate the locals. Was after my time on her, but was nice to see the old girl in all her refinery again, happy days Keith Tindell

Captain Kong
20th November 2011, 07:56 PM
I missed that, see if it on later.
I was on Tristan da Cunha last year, one of our passengers was a school teacher in Southampton and taught the kids from Tristan when they stayed in Southampton. Last year when we called there they had a big reunion , all fully grown now of course but it was a pleasure to see it.

Doc Vernon
20th November 2011, 08:36 PM
Hi Keith T
As in Aus didnt get to see that,and what a pity,as i too was on the Sterling,but before that incdent .
It was a good Ship,and had good times on her!
Cheers and thanks for the post!

Tristan History 1961 - 1963 (http://www.tristandc.com/history1961-1963.php)

Tristan da Cunha Disaster Management Planning (http://www.tristandc.com/earthdisastermanagement.php)

On reading this article Keith,sounds as though the Sterling never actually went to the Island sounds as though it picked up this evacuees from Cape Town after they were landed there by the other Shps mentioned! Dutch liner Tjisadane


Resettlement Survey Period August 1962 - April 1963

When the Stirling Castle left Southampton with 12 islanders of the Resettlement Advance Party a lot of trouble ended. The British Government first intended to avoid a resettlement of the islanders in fear of costs. Addtional the Colonial Office saw no basis for a happy future for the islanders on Tristan da Cunha. But the will to return was strong and finally the Government agreed to an Advance Party and appointed Gerry Stableford (Colonial Office Agriculture expert) as an Government Official to assist the Advance group. Six islander prepared the settlement for the return of the main party, 6 other islanders signed for fishing for a half season to earn some money.
Later Stableford returned to Cape Town with HMS Puma arriving Cape Town 8th October 1962.
At 17th March 1963 another advance party of 63 islanders from Calshot / UK sailed via the Canary Islands to Rio and embarked to M.V. Boissevain transporting them back to Tristan.

Keith Tindell
20th November 2011, 10:32 PM
Hi Shipmates,
This was on the local BBc news Solent, where the remaining people who had not returned to Tristan had a reunion, and the report did not stipulate where they were on the Stirling Castle, on seeing a repeat tonight and taking more note, it looks like they coming ashore in Soton, so apologies for that. Still lovely to see her again though, regards Keith

Colin Hawken
21st November 2011, 02:31 PM
She was my first ship. Joined her as a Deck Boy in 1949