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Rodney Mills
17th November 2011, 08:55 PM
Mine's Frankie Lane, here's how it came about.

Forty-odd years ago my first wife--then my girl friend--had her sixteenth birthday. I was away at sea. Her girl friends treated her to the London Palladium to see Frankie Lane, who at that time was the number-one singer, with huge 'hits' like Jezebel; Do not forsake me, Mule train, I believe, etc.. Now--between songs-- as the screaming from the 'teeny-bopper' girls packing the audience died down, my ex. screams out "Kiss me Frankie!" "Later baby," he replies. Screams and squeals from the predominiantly female audience.

1967, ten years later.

I'm the Executive Chef of a large hotel in Central California. It's largest banquet-room seated two-thousand, and between convention business--dark periods--would become a nightclub, headlining major singers or comedians. One month it was Frankie Lane. He--Frankie Lane-- was very friendly, and I told him about my then wife and his London tour.

F.L.. Are you bringing her to the show?

Me. Yes, the second show tonight.

F.L. Great, bring her backstage, I'd like to meet her.

Now, off-stage he wore glasses with lenses as thick as Coke bottles, blind as a bat!

That night my ex-wife and I are walking towards the entrance to the showroom, and Frankie Lane is walking down the ramp towards us. I say "Hello", He peers at me..."Hello Chef", he turns to my ex. peers really close, places a hand under his chin, appears deep in thought, snaps his fingers, "I know you!...You asked for a kiss...Well better late than never." He holds her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She was twenty-six going on sixteen. " I'll never wash my face again," she screams.

Next day the Hotel Manager comes to my office in the kitchen to tell me there's a cocktail party that afternoon for Frankie Lane and his wife--Nann Grey--a former movie star--at the managers home.

Upon arrival, my ex. was collard by Frankie Lane and introduced to his wife as the cute-as-a-bunny little English girl he'd told her about, and they spent a couple of hours 'yarning', while I spent the time listening to the boring life of the shows opening act.

We had some great photos, but she got custody of them.

I've been fortunate to have met many celebrities, most were nice, two standouts, Floyd Patterson and Ronald Regan.

Jerk...Nat King Cole.


Tony Morcom
17th November 2011, 09:58 PM
I haven't met many celebrities but I did meet Harold Wilson and his wife Mary when I was 16. They were visiting Tresco on the Scilly Isles and I was on the last ever holiday I was to spend with my parents. In those days there was hardly any need for security as there is today.Consequently he was quite happy for people to walk up and say hello. He actually chatted to me for about 5 minutes and seemed very interested that I was just about to embark on my merchant navy career. Being so young I was very impressed by the fact that someone so important could be bothered to talk to me. Politics in those days was of no interest to me but I must admit I was in awe of speaking to the actual Prime Minister. Didn't get to speak to Mary as she was busy discussing the local plant life with my mum. I still have his autographed photo somewhere in the loft.

Captain Kong
17th November 2011, 10:07 PM
I saw Frankie Lane at the Liverpool Empire, then I was in San Diego visiting my son who was a doctor at the Scripps Institute there, Frankie Lived in San Diego and this was in 2005 I think or 2007, I wanted to go and see him, My son drove me past his home and said go on Dad knock on the door. I didnt want to impose so I hesitated and we carried on. a few weeks later he went into hospital for an operation on his knee and died. he was I think around 94 years of age, I always regretted not knocking on the great mans door.
I have met many other Celebs, actors, Politicians and authors, etc.

Lou Barron
17th November 2011, 10:42 PM
my wife and i had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Helen Clark who was then the Prime Minister of New Zealand it came about when the then goverment through the Ministry For Cultureand Heritage about the part the merchant navy played in world war2 and i had the privilegeof writing my story anyhow my wife and went to Wellington for a few days and we attended the ceremony in the beehive with all the goverment politicians and the Prime Minister after she gave me my book HELL or HIGH WATER she ask me about my time at sea then she ask me why did i come to New Zealand and did i emigrate to NZand i said i liked the country and all the pretty girls and i jumped ship she shook my hand and had a good laugh

Keith Moody
17th November 2011, 11:52 PM
over the years one meets a number of celebrety people, some good some not so good, the first one i met was Spile Millign, he travelled on the Ruahine down to NZ with us, he put on a one man show that lasted for about 2 hours, talking to him was the same as talking to any of your friends, plus he was a gentleman. the next one i met was the londoner Max Bygraves, he used to tour and one of his stops was Dover at the gaumont theatre, when the shows were over him and anumber of the show used to visit my mothers pub in the market sq. because he came in quite often (in the early years) my mother got to know him on a first name basis, on of the times he came in i was home on leave and got introduced to him.next on the list was a Fijian Prince comming over to England to meet the Queen, unfortunatly he got took ill with cancer and my job was to look after and feed and comfort him whilst he was in hospital, unfortunaty he died and was off loaded in Bombay and flown back to Fijji, he had 3 wives on board with him,a letter was given to me thanking me for what i had done and if you are ever in Fijji come up to the palace, never did though. the next gentleman was a man named Bill Morris he was a VIP on the Arcadia and i looked after him from London to Australia, on the coast and back to Londn, a man of around 78 he was very easy to talk to and every Saturday night he would give me a bottle of brown ale, under the table of course, every morning at breakfast he had to have a bowl of Porridge made with milk, you may know him as Lord Nuefield maker of the Morris Cars.
Not a big name in England was a gentleman called Mr. White. they owned department store all over Australia, he offered me a job but as i was just about to get married i turned it down, (wonder where i would be now????)
nexy was Sophia Loren, when i was working on the cross channel ferries, what a beautiful woman and what a sexy accent when she spoke English. then along came those famous 4, The Beatles and also Cilla Black, by this time i was working for the airlines (British Eagle) and we had just taken over the Liverpool airline "Starways", they used fly to and from London on a number of occassions but i only met them once. Whilst I was with the airlines I also met the London Philomonic Orchastre, Harry Secome and Anita Harris, the last two were going out to Singapore for a far east tour to entertain troops in the area. I also had the pleasure of meeting Sterling Moss on a trip to Bermuda there wer quite a few other celeb. mostly Lords or lady something who Didn`t make much impression on me.
then i moved to Canada where i had the honour to set up and fly with Princess Margret and Anthony Armstrong- Jones from Miniapolis to Winnipeg, following this a year later i did a 5 week far east trip with a band called Deep Purple, after picking them up in Los Angeles we stopped at Vancouver, Hawaii, Fijji, Tour of New Zealand (didn`t see any ofyour old girlfriends) , then onto tour Australia , followed by a trip to Jakartaand onto Tokyo, the band did a tour here whilst i went with the aircraft over to Taiwan, sent the aircraft back to canada loaded with freight. whilst i wasved the aircraft goodby i was surounded by police and informed i should have left with the aircraft, so then i had a poliman stay with me until i caught my China airways flight back to tokyo where i met up with the band again for their trip across the pacific to Los Angeles, where we parted company, i did meet up with with Dave Coverdale again when he started Whitsnake and performed in winnipeg, again I met up with Deep Purple on a trip to Denver where they were putting on a show. a great crowed of people
just as a side note, this band at one time was considered the loudest band in the world. for the five musicians we carried 20 tons of equipment throughout the trip.
keith moody

Red Lead Ted
18th November 2011, 12:23 AM
Walked into the New York bar Barbados with a gang of geordie crew 1971. A good mate Terry Owens said to me theres a scouse mate of yours sat around the corner i said who!!!!!!!! Stuck my head around the corner and there was John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Cant rememmber my exact words but can remember his after he left the bar the barman brought me a bottle of trelawny rum signed bon voyage Terry J Lennon.Rolled of my desk at sea a few weeks later and smashed to bits :confused: You cant have it all in life Terry.

Evan Lewis
18th November 2011, 01:36 AM
On the Queens,Mary & Elizabeth. The Q.M.s relieved the Watch five mins .early.
Reason being ,the two coming off .Wheel and Stand-by ,at Midday ,one would go to the Steam and Electric whistles ,the.other to the Telegraphs. The Watch coming on ,One first wheel. Stand- by Would take the days.run Info ,3 copies and post them in the Glass cases , Tourist ,Cabin and First Class. Not neccessarily in that order , as I was to find out later on my First ttrip .Being confronted by an irate Deck Stwd.Who was hurrying up along the Prom.Deck, almost snatchiing it from me , yelling ,"Where have you been, ?" "You should come here first, " then turns and skelters in to the Foyer.[Seconds later the days run was announced over the Tannoy system "Queen Mary ,from noon yesterday til noon today ,has stea
med a distance of six hundred and forty -two nautical miles:" whatever! (As later confirmation convinced me,}those

who believed there was no racket ,regarding ,the gambling associated with the Days run, "believed in Fairies at the bottom of the garden" the Hans Christian Anderson ones. not the" Get You Darling!"ones As they could be at the bottom of anyones garden. Haven't checked my neighbour out yet!.
Anyway ,back to the Wheel house ,,young sturdy lad is in there ,,came up there on a regular basis in the afternoons, He was Winston Churchill's grandson. the bridge boys couldn;t stand him ,gesturing behind his back. Suppose he did present as rather stand -offish..believe he later became M.P. for Manchester.
2nd Trip.two days out of S,hampton. five to 12 ,relieved the Wheel. ,couple mins .later Capt. Sorrel enters ,says to his officers, Miss Deborah Kerr is visiting. In walks Miss kerr . accompanied by her two young daughters, and anothe lady, I guess may have been their nurse.?
Miss kerr props right in front of me ,gazing out through the bridge windows. It's mid-day. I hit the eight Bells,which was the cue also to sound the whistles and test the Telegraphs
.She clapped her hand to her ears ,turnig round looking directly at me. When the noise subsided she said "What's all the cacaphony?'i explained it was an exercise to Test ,The whistles and Telegraphs , noon every day at sea. From ther it was pretending to let the children in turn ,Steering before goung back down ,She told the children to come over and say' Thank You, which they dutifully did.
Couple or so days later , 12-4 watch in the Hudson river , Capt walks in announces misss Kerr would like to be up here for the New York Pilot .My watchmate , the Chief Q.M. Swinnerton has the wheel ,as always, entering and leaving port.
.We,re almost stopped ,Pilot arrives. Capt. and Miss Kerr. Who this time props right in front of me .leaning back on the Telegraphs.we're at Dead Slow ahead, Fist order comes, "'Slow ahead port For'd. " responded accordingly,
next order'Half ahead Port fr.d . I.m getting a bit concerned now, expecting Full Ahead any second,Pondering , Should i ask her to Move? Too Late ,Full Ahead order comes , .caught her not too heavily ,near the right shoulder blade. Twas her who turned round and said ",I'm awfully sorry".
Others coming up or going down the gangway in those days was Liberace,Helen Hayes Wearing I Like Ike !Messages
re. his coming election . just myself and Noel Coward in the Foyer ,4-8 watch early ,kept prancing back and fore ,to see when the gangway would be open ,for disembarking Cherbourg. Read in the daily mirror next day .reason for leaving cherbourg, .he was a couple of days inside the the tax exemption limit, so was en route to Eire
missed Bill Haley and the Comets. .my trip off!

happy daze john in oz
18th November 2011, 05:37 AM
Met a few, Cliff Richards when he started out singing in the Black and White cafe in New Cross.
Reg Kray in Lyons corner house Marbel Arch.
sir Ralph Richardson, Micheal Regrave, a most peculiar man, and all his family and a number of other actors when I was working at the Yvone Arnaud Theatre in Guildford.
The English and Pakistan cricket teams at the MCG here in Melbourne when the Pakis beat England in the cricket World cup final 1991. Iwas a guest of Schweppes and was introduced to them all.

Neil Morton
18th November 2011, 05:43 AM
As a 15 year old commis waiter I was working at The Hyde Park Hotel near Marble Arch in London. The Queen and Prince Phillip hosted a grand banquet and I was one of two commis chosen to assist the waiters at the top table. However that is not the story.
Twenty six years later I had a stint as Maitre d'otel at a posh Melbourne venue. Prince Phil and son Charles came to some special do in the banqueting hall. I mentioned my previous encounter with royalty to the general manager who in turn mentioned it Prince Phillip. To my amazment he asked to meet me on his way out and very civil and chatty he was, not all condescending, whereas Charlie said not a word.
Biggest jerk I met would be a toss up between Joan Crawford and James Robertson Justice.

Captain Kong
18th November 2011, 08:55 AM
Hi Neil, Biggest jerk I met would be a toss up between Joan Crawford and James Robertson Justice
He should have known better as he used to be an Engineer on the Good Ship GEORGIC. and other ships at sea.

Dennis McGuckin
18th November 2011, 03:43 PM
The GREAT Jack Dempsey in his New York bar.

Captain Kong
18th November 2011, 05:42 PM
Yes done that, shook the hand that shook the world. and a photo for $1
Also in New York I was in the Market Diner opposite Pier 90 I sat on the next stool to a beautiful blonde lady wearing a white ermin jacket, she was with a few other characters . When they left, Gene, the bartender said to me,"You know who you were sat next to?, Me , No, `that was Grace Kelly` he said.
I felt the seat where her loveley bum had been. It was still warm. How close was that??

Red Lead Ted
18th November 2011, 07:23 PM
The best is yet to come mate. Mindees Family ask yourself do you resemble any.......... They cant wait to meet you just take plenty of ackers with you { BON VOYAGE} Mindee isnt in the pic she wants to suprise you and i am sure she will, Terry.:D:D:D

David Williams
18th November 2011, 07:49 PM
Hi Rodney.

My only claim to fame is that I sat alongside
Patrick Moore (Stars at Night) on a flight to
Stavanger in Norway.

Dave Williams.

Captain Kong
18th November 2011, 08:14 PM
The best is yet to come mate. Mindees Family ask yourself do you resemble any.......... They cant wait to meet you just take plenty of ackers with you { BON VOYAGE} Mindee isnt in the pic she wants to suprise you and i am sure she will, Terry.:D:D:D

They are already here, they are all my neighbours as I have said before I used to live in England now I live in the third world. Always a lovely smell of Curry around here.
We will be on the tourist trail soon here in Bolton. Why spend a fortune on flights, the East is West.

Glan Phillips
18th November 2011, 08:22 PM
The best is yet to come mate. Mindees Family ask yourself do you resemble any.......... They cant wait to meet you just take plenty of ackers with you { BON VOYAGE} Mindee isnt in the pic she wants to suprise you and i am sure she will, Terry.:D:D:D

Oh crap Terry.......you had tp post that photo......I'm sure back right is my 'long lost daughter INDIRA" !!!
Guess I'm related to Brian in some way....maybe I'll get an invite for curry loll


Rodney Mills
18th November 2011, 10:01 PM
In 1971 I was Food and Beverage Director of the then named International Hotel, which later became the Hyatt Hotel. To those travelers who have been to L.A., it's the last hotel you see just before you land, and the first one as you exit Los Angeles International Airport ( it was and perhaps still is, owned by Herb Alpert of the Tijauna Brass fame). The Hotel is a convention hotel, with six-hundred and fifty rooms; banquet facilities for three thousand plus--a bl..dy food factory. Anyway, the Governor of Alabama George Wallace (infamous for standing in the doorway of Alabama State University to deny entrance to an African-American student) was running in the primaries for President, and had a fund-rasing dinner for about fifteen hundred punters scheduled. It took about a week of blood, sweat and tears to pull it off, what with security and collecting the money in advance. No credit offered to politicians or bridal parties (after the event it's "Hi ho Silver away" and good luck in collecting). I'm working with the Governor's Aide, his brother-in-law and a twit. The event goes off like a Swiss watch, everyone's happy. I'm called to the Governor's suite, hand-shakes all-around, he turns to his b-in-law:

Gov. Take Mr. Mills' particulars, I'm making him a colonel in our State Malitia.

Me. (underwhelmed) I'm honored Governor, but there's someone on my staff who worked equally as hard in your service and I would feel remiss if he was left out--it just wouldn't feel right (words to that effect, and holding my breath).

Gov. Give his name to my Aide.

Which I did, Monroe Thacker, Banquet Captain (head waiter).

Sure enough, two weeks later came two certificates of office.

Now, Monroe was a heck of a worker and a real nice guy. The odd evening after work, he would teach me photo developing and oh! ... He was black.

Thus, I intergrated the Alabama State Malitia and Monroe laughed his a.. off when I presented him with his 'orders'.

Copy of mine attatched.

Lt. Col. Rodney. A.S.M.

Capt Bill Davies
18th November 2011, 10:34 PM
The largest town close to where I live is Bishops Castle, Shropshire. Several years ago there was a small restaurant in the town called The Poppy House where musicians from all over used to meet up and play together rather spontaneously. Apparently, the husband of the proprietor was a session musician and played keyboards on some big hits. Julie Felix was a regular along with Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Robert Plant(LZ), Mark Griffiths(Shadows) Maddie Pryor and many many more. All very decent people and nothing like you would imagine.
The Poppy House is still there but the proprietors have changed


Captain Kong
18th November 2011, 10:57 PM
Hi Bill, you mentioned Robert Plant. Led Zep.
When I retired I bought a flower shop for my lady partner who has been a Florist all her working life. always working for someone else. Now we had our own business. One day she is in the Funeral parlour next door and I saw a big Rolls Bentley with a large bearded driver, looking more like a body guard.stop outside, Robert Plant climbed out of it and came into the shop.He wanted two bouquets, one for his lady in a hotel and one for his Mother who was in a Nursing Home.
I went next door and told her , she came flying in and was all excited. while she was making up the bouquets we were chatting and he had just arrived from working in Las Vegas, I remember he had a beautiful pair of dude boots on and a superb pair of jeans that I have never seen so good. Just shows what a few bob in bank can do for clothes.
A few months later he came back and bought another two bouquets. and he paid rather a lot of money for them

Red Lead Ted
20th November 2011, 01:09 AM
Do you do flip flops in your shop play the game m8 Terry.:D:D:D

happy daze john in oz
20th November 2011, 05:55 AM
The ball and chain has just reminded me that we met Phil Collins in a club in Gravesend way back in the mid 70's when he was starting out.

len mazza
20th November 2011, 07:06 AM
1961 when on Orsova me and a couple of mates had a good chat with Rolf Harris when in Vancouver.

He was very natural,and had a pretty good knowledge of London and the night spots there.


Louis the Amigo
20th November 2011, 09:52 AM
Hi Shipmates, Who have I come across in the public eye many some big celebritys some small, lots of famous show business people, the late Sid james Tommy Cooper, bob monkhouse a few household names in films a few on the T.V. do you remember the Champions alexander bastino ? she was lovely , many sportsman, football players boxing, rugby and minor sports a few female singers Charlotte Church, Kathrine Jenkins and many more over the years Where did I meet them The B.B.C. club in Cardiff and The Halfway pub, I was a founder member of chapter arts where many show business people and artists' singers comics would come to watch a play or see a new film or art of some type still go sometimes. The Nicest many of them ? but not Max boyce a bighead.:rolleyes:

alf corbyn
20th November 2011, 10:30 AM
tommy trinder on board ship. got to sydney he was upstaged by the stewards and went below in disgust. my name is under his in the harbour bridge guest book. bill haileyat the royalty southgate london and at the victoria palace theatre. frank ifield at the royalty, he was born in southgate. marty wilde, kim wilde, sleepy la beef and lots of other rock artistes, tommy cooper in the joke shop in london, shani wallis(oliver) and brother bob(musican). thats all i can think of for now haha. alf

John Cassels
20th November 2011, 07:03 PM
When on the mid apprentice course at King Teds begin 1965 , used to have a few pints on a regular
basis with Mick Jagger in the Waterman's Arms .

Does that count ?.

Capt Bill Davies
20th November 2011, 07:24 PM
Well John,
That is going to be a hard one to follow!



Captain Kong
20th November 2011, 07:24 PM
What about April Ashley,
I shared a hut, B3, for a couple of months, at the Vindicatrix Sea School, Sharpness Glos. with George Jamieson, a Liverpool lad.the son of a Liverpool seafaring man, he was in catering. He later had a sex change, one of the very first to have one in Tangier?. to become a Transexual, He/she became a celeb. owning Restaurants and appearing on many chat shows on TV and in films and then married the son of a Lord and really became a Lady. she then got divorced and I think she now lives on the West coast of the States. She is the same age as me, so he is 76.

len mazza
21st November 2011, 02:48 AM
Hi, We had a minor one in the family,Brian Moesly,aka Alf Roberts from Coro' St.he was married to my 1st cousin Norma,who sadly died just a few weeks ago.At family get togeather's we alway got in a crate of Guiness for Brian,he was a champion bloke in all respects.


Evan Lewis
21st November 2011, 07:56 AM
hi! Captain
Note you were Vindi Catering shariing the same Hut as <later to become April Ashley.Imagine ,that was a bt of a culture shocK at that time ?
The advent of the Change Op. received heaps of publicity at the time.
The inevitable jokes and remarks folllowed. Such as (subject to deletion)
"went from knackers to knickers or he made a c --of himself"

Captain Kong
21st November 2011, 08:37 AM
Hi Evan
I wasnt Vindi Catering I was on Deck , but when three of us arrived late on joining day the hut for Deck lads was full so the three of us were put into the Catering hut. There were one or two of them suspect.

21st November 2011, 09:41 AM
I see from April's Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Ashley)entry,that the honourable John Prescott gets a mention- but that's our John for you, always helping an ex British sea man er woman er person er whatever !...

"In 2005, after the passage of the Gender Recognition Act 2004, Ashley was finally legally recognised as a female and issued with a new birth certificate. The then Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott who knew Ashley from the 1950s, helped her with the procedure."

Presumably they mean he helped her with the new birth certificate and not the actual surgical procedure ?..:eek:.but then that's our JP for you,one just never knows.....


(I just hope I haven't opened the way for inappropriate comments now....Lord knows that was not my intention !.....:rolleyes: )

alf corbyn
21st November 2011, 10:25 AM
i forgot a couple. joe brown who i met and had drinks with a couple of times a nice bloke. shakey stevens a bit superior.i also met giant haystacks and big daddy at a party. alf

Graham Payne
21st November 2011, 04:30 PM
Mine was Sir Robert Menzies, the the Australian Prime Minister at the time , it was on " Oronsay " 1963.
On Turning too one morning at 0600 he was walking alone along A Deck he stopped to ask who we were and then were we enjoying being in the navy. To two 16 year old deck boys it was a big thing. :)

21st November 2011, 06:47 PM
Just a thought Brian could you buy a narrow-boat call it the Queen Mary and run it along the Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal after all if the once great Cunard Line don't want an English ship with the name on the Stern then it must be available for others to use

Captain Kong
21st November 2011, 06:51 PM
What a good idea Rob.
trouble is I may find a load of asylum seekers on board stowing away thinking I am going somewhere good.

Ivan Cloherty
21st November 2011, 07:15 PM
Just put a notice on the gangway

Itinerary - Calling at

Karachi (for Kabul)
and Mumbai

You should have an empty ship outward bound, mind you (another of those phrases) you will be overloaded on the return voyage.

Red Lead Ted
21st November 2011, 11:07 PM
When i was jumping the broomstick with an old flame ,We used to babysit Craig Phillips the first winner of The Big Brother Show. His Mother Brenda, Used to babysit for my mother, Me and my now wife were the last people to talk to his father Les the night he was killed out walking his bulldog. Craig is a great lad from Seaforth Liverpool. A few years ago xmas day he pulled up at the top of my road and shouted me we had a chat for a little while he was driving a brand new 4 wheel drive. His sister Bev lived in the next grove to me,He visited her xmas morning on his way out he said come on Bev run me home in your new car the keys were left with her for the 4 wheeler great lad deserves all that comes his way. He wont mind me saying his dear mother is in the late stages of alzheimers very sad. Regards all Terry.

happy daze john in oz
22nd November 2011, 05:23 AM
There was an article in the national press today. Doctors have found that girls who exersise with boys tend to get fatter. I wond why that is???

happy daze john in oz
22nd November 2011, 05:24 AM
i forgot a couple. joe brown who i met and had drinks with a couple of times a nice bloke. shakey stevens a bit superior.i also met giant haystacks and big daddy at a party. alf

Don't tell me Alf, you were looking for a needle?

happy daze john in oz
22nd November 2011, 05:26 AM
Mine was Sir Robert Menzies, the the Australian Prime Minister at the time , it was on " Oronsay " 1963.
On Turning too one morning at 0600 he was walking alone along A Deck he stopped to ask who we were and then were we enjoying being in the navy. To two 16 year old deck boys it was a big thing. :)

To two deck boys it was a big thing. Can you maybe explain on that one mate?

len mazza
23rd November 2011, 02:46 AM
Hi,been thinking about posting this for a bit,will give it a go anyway.

1955 Iwas Bell Boy in the 1st. Class Saloon on the Stratheden Lady Churchill and a traveling companion traveled from Colombo to Marseille,during that short time I witnessed a couple of rows between her and the Head Waiter.

Acouple of weeks later I was in the P@O Office picking up my joining papers for Stratheden,and witnessed the the same Head Waiter being told they didn't think he was suitable for the job!!!..He wasn't being fired or demoted,just being shunted out of what had probably been his lifetime occupation,you don't need to be a genius to work that one out.


PS. Was joining Strathnaver,not the'eden.

David Williams
22nd March 2012, 02:37 PM
Hi Rodney.
My claim to fame is that I sat next to Partick Moore(Sky at Night)
on a flight to Norway,I also met Pat Pheonix(Elsie Tanner, Coronation
Street) in a photographic shop in Scarborough.

Dave Williams(R583900)

John Arton
22nd March 2012, 03:08 PM
Met Roger Moore, pre his Bond Days if I remember correctly, on a train once and he was very nice to talk too and had time for all who came up to him for his autograph.
Also met Stewart Hall of "Its a Knockout" fame a couple of times. Very pleasant when sober but totally went south when in his cups.
Harold Wilson was not a particularly nice person the one time I met him.
Footballers Alan Kennedy, Terry MacDermott and Bruce Grobbelar were great company when I met them through my sisters business.
Capt John Arton (ret'd)

Keith at Tregenna
22nd March 2012, 11:18 PM
Would omit the rich and famous to share a Babycham with you.


john sutton
23rd March 2012, 07:41 AM
Many years ago I was on the manchester committee of the variety club of great britain and met many celebs.The best one was Henry Cooper.We annually put on a pro-celebrity golf match at Mere Golf club in cheshire.My daughter who was 12 at the time wanted to caddy for a celebrity and as I was on the committee (also my pal owned mere golf club)I managed to get her the job of caddying for Henry.After about 2 holes Henry told her that she was too small to be carrying a large bag and he carried it for the rest of the day.He still gave her a fiver tip and told her what a great caddy she was.
Liz Dawn was a client of mine also several other corrie stars but she was a bit special.
john sutton

John Pruden
23rd March 2012, 08:50 AM
I've met a few but one sticks in mind Sir Stanley Mathews one of the most down to earth you could wish to meet. jimmy case in oxford street hospital maternity unit we sat all night waiting for the new arrivals his wife had twins and we had one of our sons but we had a good laugh all night he had just got of a plain from Bulgaria playing for Liverpool. i met a few royals but they were nothing special.john:p

John Arton
23rd March 2012, 12:34 PM
Have not actually spoken to but have met the Brazilian National football team that included Pele and Zarzinio.
It came about in Haiti in 71 (I think) when we saw an advert for Haiti versus a Brazilian side whose name I forget. So we went to the match in Port au Prince where we were berthed at the time.
It was held in the so-called National Stadium (think your local non league footy team ground and thats something akin to the Haitain National Stadium of that time.
There was only one small stand where PAPA DOC DUVAL sat with his glasses on at the top of the stand whilst all his Ton-Ton Macots patrolled round the ground armed to their teeth in their wrap around dark glasses.
The group of us were the only white people in the ground and we were sitting by the touchline just where the players came onto the pitch. We thought we were going to be watching a Brazilian club team but when their players ran out onto the pitch it was apparent that it was basically the National team playing. We found out later that the national team used to tour under an made up club name so as to get practice without possibly suffering defeat.
The Brazilian players saw us by the touch line taking their photos so they came over to us so as we could get a group photo, possibly thinking we were some sort of press photographers. One of us got up and stood in the middle of them all and had his photo taken with them, then the rest of followed. So somewhere in my collection I have a photo of myself standing next to the great Pele.
After we had got our photos we noticed that the Ton Tons were moving menaclly towards us but a wave from Papa Doc sent them back.
The result of the match? 15-1 to the Brazilians with them scoring all the goals as one of them turned out for Haiti in the second half.
Haiti was about the poorest place I ever visited and if you were not carefull the locals would have the socks off your feet even if your shoelaces were tied tight. Though mind you we did have a couple of good nights getting brahms and List on the local ale.
Capt. John Arton (ret'd)

Roger French
23rd March 2012, 03:41 PM
The nicest I've met, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is Sir Stirling Moss. A boyhood hero, and when I last met him 5 years ago, still very polite and interested in what I had to say. a truly great man.

The funniest was some years ago in London. I worked near Covent Garden, and was having lunch in a local pub with a colleague, and two guys asked if they could share our table as the pub was crowded. We said "OK", but it wasn't until they sat down that we saw that out companions were Jimmy Edwards and Eric Sykes. We laughed so much we way overran our lunch hour, but as often happens I can't really remember what was said. Pity.

Stuart Henderson
23rd March 2012, 08:12 PM
Sparks & I travelling by train from Newhaven to Victoria and Sparks spots Tommy Cooper in 1st class carriage and says lets go and chat. I thought asking him if he wanted a drink would be better and we ended up in buffet car for rest of journey knocking back scotch & chasers .us paying. but real funny guy.As we were parting suddenly thought of his autograpgh but only paper I had was Vernons football coupons envelope ready to post, Still got it complete with autograph .Often wonder if there were any winning lines.......

23rd March 2012, 09:20 PM
Thanks Rodney for liking my Post, While writing it the Memories came rolling back of the lovely events
I was lucky enough to experience back in the Good Old Days.
Keith I would love to share a Babycham with You, When and Where???:cool:
Glad to see you are back, Take care.
Tiger Jean.x

Keith at Tregenna
23rd March 2012, 09:49 PM
Darling Tiger:

Regarding "Would omit the rich and famous to share a Babycham with you".

Hopefully, before and at Tower Hill: If you can make it this year.

I should know, but for the life of me your location, please give some indication.

See in your local ASAP.


John Albert Evans
23rd March 2012, 09:59 PM
I am not a football fan but my wife is and many years ago we were invited to Wembley to watch England -v-Poland so with our two sons we went to the match, shortly after the kick off George Best sat down directly in front of us he was with another chap. He started talking to our sons and all I can say is that he was a gentleman.
Ive also met Procal Harem before they became famous with A Whiter Shade of Pale.

John Albert Evans

Keith at Tregenna
23rd March 2012, 10:58 PM
Next time near Penybontfawr, will advise early and arrange to buy you a pint mate, honest.

South Walien K.