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Lawrence Parsons
15th November 2011, 08:10 PM
Anyone on the Nelson in 1957.I did three trips on her. The last trip I fell down the hold
after it was washed out.I slipped on the ladder and fell 23 feet to the steel deck below.
Ended up in Wellington, NZ hospital for a month. Joined Nelson again in Napier and came back to England
as passenger with both arms in plaster.I got back to sea in july 1958 for a short run on the Alma.I went by
my middle name "Tony " in those days. After that I sailed on a few Port boats: 1958 Aug. Invercargill Cardiff for a week, 1958sept. to 1959july Quebec, 1959 Oct. to 1960Jan. Sydney,1960Feb. to1960June Phillip.1960Jully
to1960Dec. Wellington, 1961Jan. to 1961May Brisbane. I sailed as A.B. starting with the Port Phillip. I was S.O.S. when I had the fall on the Nelson.
Anyone aboard any of those ships during those times?
Tony Parsons

john burdett
13th February 2012, 09:20 PM
my name is John Burdett i was on the Port Nelson from May 1956 to May 1957 so i must have been your cabin mate as i was also jos to sos I remember you falling down the hold and breaking your arms.Stayed with Port Line for 11 years sailing on most the company ships even took the Port New Plymouth out from the Tyne new.Iam now retired after working for Royal Mail [Post Office] for 36 years.Now enjoy cruising with P&O and gardening. what are you doing nowadays.

Doc Vernon
14th February 2012, 03:18 AM
There you go,what a small World isnt it,all the Years ago,and we find yet another Two that sailed together!
And not only that but perhaps in the same Cabin!
Yes this site sure has brought many a good Friend or aquantance together!
Now you two can begin to have some good Yaerns of your past days!
But beware dont give any secrets away,your better Halves may be looking in haha:)!

15th February 2012, 07:47 PM
Hi raymond maddocks here. sailed on the nelson 60/61 steam on deck bosun,great ship.what other port liners said on? with them myself 59/74 regards ray

Neil Morton
15th February 2012, 09:53 PM
Hi Port Line lads, I worked by (catering) on Alfred Nov 61, Vindex Dec 61/62, deep sea New Plymouth Jan 62 toMay 62, worked by Townsville May62, deep sea Nelson July 62 to Nov 62. Capt Pedrick had the New Plymouth I was his "tiger" & Capt Stannard the Nelson, also his "tiger". It was his last voyage and we gave him a silver cup and a send off. Got married and swallowed the anchor after one more trip on the "Canberra". 1954 to 1964 ten bloody marvellous years.

bill roberts
15th February 2012, 10:20 PM
Hi john did you know my old man jack roberts chief cook on the nelson from 20/6/56 - 11/12/57.there are a few pic's in the gallery of him all the best bill. Be good

Lawrence Parsons
29th February 2012, 01:34 AM
Hello John,
Thanks for the reply. Sorry to be so long in answering. I do remember you. I think that I have a
photo of a group of us somewhere, you included.
I left the MN in 1961 and headed for Canada where I have lived ever since. I got married in 1965,
and 47 years ,and three kids plus 4 grandkids later am still enjoying life with my wife Ann.
We also enjoy cruising. Although it took me 35 years to convince Ann she would like it.
I have been retired for 9 years, and keep bussy doing volenteer work at my grandsons school, plus
delivering meals to shutins.
Good to hear from you.Perhaps we could swap emails?
Tony Parsons