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Anthony G Hill
9th October 2011, 11:11 AM
Ships Name and Service RecordFull Name
Anthony George Hill Discharge Book Number
R 625788 Department
Deck Your Rank/Rating
Apprentice to 2nd Officer Ships

SS EGTON Feb 1955--July'56

SS SNEATON August 1956-July'57

MV RUNSWICK Aug 1957- Feb 1959

Harrison Line

SS SCHOLAR Dec'59-March1960

SS STATESMAN April 1960-April1961

SS SPECIALIST Oot'61-January1962

MV DALESMAN Jan'62-January 1964

SS SPECIALIST February-April 1964

MV DALESMAN May-September 1964

MV DIPLOMAT December'64 (relief)

MV EXPLORER January-May 1965

MV BARRISTER August'65 (relief)

SS FORESTER Dec'65-March1966

MV INVEVTOR June 1966-Aug1967

MV CUSTODIAN October'67- May1968.