View Full Version : Looking for crew of Federal Line Haurakai

Leanne Brockie
11th August 2011, 08:44 AM
I am just new to this and I am hoping that somebody can help me!!!!!!!!

I am Looking for a Crew memeber who was a young seamen in 1966 or before

John Jackson was on this ship (as much as my mother can tell me )

Federal Line Hauraki,
Sailed into Port Chalmers New Zealand from the Uk about every 6 months.
I am trying io search for John Jackson from London at that time.
He had a sister called Sheila.
Please if anyone knows of him can you please contact me

Glenn Baker
11th August 2011, 09:16 AM
Port Chalmers was a regular call for many of my ships of that time, I did three trips on the Durham that called there then the Turakina, Gothic and Port line ships. Chicks hotel was the go , for a drink it was 6,oclock closing then too so there was plenty of House Partys..

Went to a couple of Party,s at Carol and Elle,s house, the Movie house was popular when money was short and you could get the train to go to the Dance in Dunedin on Saturday nites I think. Its such a long time ago and yet it seems like yesterday. Port chalmers was a busy little Port. You could try the New Zealand shipping Company Assn in Auckland as many crew from the Federal and NZ.S.Co belong to it, you never know your luck Leanne, its a hard ask and yet someone out there will know. best wishes Glenn