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Bob Dunkley
15th July 2011, 07:54 PM
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Robert Edward Dunkley
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Derby 67 1st ship
zealandic 67
cymric run job 68
dumurra 68
Brasil star 70
magantic 68
Iberic run job 70
Athenic 68 69??
Arawa 69
Sugar importer 69
Cumberland 69
Harting 69/70
rothesay castle work by
Australind 70
Akaroa 70
Port Huon 71 manz
Wellington Star 71/72
British Merlin 72
Hauraki run job 72
Glenroy/Demodocus 72
Johs Stove 72
Jane Stove 72/73
Thorbjorg 73
viking 1/2 74
Sagafjiord 74/75
Osthav 76
Braconda 76
viking ferry 2 76
Balder borg 77
Balderborg 78
Fisons Realf 79
Murex 73
Acavus 74
Britanis 80
Bow Queen ???
Darwin trader 81/82
D.B thor 82

Jim McNaughton
21st June 2019, 09:49 PM
Hi Bob, any relation to Dick Dunkley?
Jim McNaughton )

Bob Dunkley
25th June 2019, 07:11 PM
Hi Bob, any relation to Dick Dunkley?
Jim McNaughton )

Hi Jim Dick Dunkley was my cousin ,he was a really good guy ,a bit older than me ,I remember when Dick came home from sea when I was only about 5-6 ,always bought us kids a good Christmas present .Dick spent along time on the N Z S Co Rangitoto Rangitane and I think the Rangitikei .Not sure of the spellings ,he was chief refridge eng ,last I heard of him he retired to a place called Reculver Nr Herne Bay, he was in Japan for two years, as technical advisor (refrigerator's) for the building of the M.V Mataura and another ship ,where he married a Japanese girl and bought her back to England, they had a son, haven't seen Dick for years cant tell you if he is dead or alive. Always seemed to enjoy a beer.