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12th July 2011, 03:53 PM

I am looking for information on the steamship Arlanza and my ancestor.

Albert Harmes 1887-1912, was a kitchen porter on the Arlanza. He had an accident on the 9th December 1912. When the ship docked he was rushed to Southampton Hospital where he died on the 16th December.

The coroner, Horace Kelway Pope said that the cause of death was, "From the effects of being scalded by the deceased accidently falling into a receptacle of boiling water". :(

Who owned the ship originally before it became a royal mail ship?
Am I correct in saying that the Alanza was launched 23 Sept 1911 and completed Nov 1912?

If this is the case would the accident have happened on the maiden voyage and where did the ship go to.
I am not sure when Albert became a sailor, is there anyway I can find out this information.
Does anyone know about the accident of Albert?


12th July 2011, 05:11 PM
The Arlanza was a brand new ship at the time, launched 23/11/1911 and completed 8/6/1912 for the Royal Mail Shipping Co.

Unfortunately there are no surviving Merchant Navy service records from 1857-1918 and there are no surviving Crew Agreements for this ship for 1912. These records usually listed the individuals previous ship, which you could then have worked back over to trace his sea time.