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10th July 2011, 04:58 PM
Hello All,

I'm conducting some research into my father-in-law's wartime service in the Merchant Navy and am looking for some answers to some questions that I have. My father-in-law was called Peter Little and was born and bred in Sunderland. He served on the following ships during the war:

Chiswick(168469) June 1943 - January 1944
Fort Kullyspell (169625) February 1944 - May 1944
Fort Brule September 1944 - April 1945

I've just received a copy of Peter's CRS10 from the National Archives and have a couple of questions as I ultimately intend making a request for previously unclaimed medals on behalf of his widow.

1. Peter joined the MN in 1941 as an Engineering Apprentice. However, his CRS10 states that he first entered the MN Reserve Pool (MNRP) in 1943 as a 4th Engineer. Is it possible that his service as an apprentice will be listed under a separate register and that it was only upon the completion of an apprenticeship that a seaman would enter the MNRP?

2. From May 1944 until September 1944, Peter's CRS10 has a gap with the only entry being what looks like the words 'Convno - see RS3'. Does anyone have any ideas what this refers to? (I wonder if it's something to do with D-Day period as Peter did say that he was involved in the landings).

3. Last question, I've downloaded the movements card from the National Archives for SS Chiswick. I see that the Chiswick sailed in the Med (Gibraltar, Casablanca, Alexandria and Malta) and then down to West Africa in late 1943. The card states that the ship was attached to the 'Liner Div' during this period. Does anyone know what the Liner Division was and would this type of service during 1943 qualify for the Italy Star?

Any help that any forum members could give would be most appreciated.