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Angus Macdonald
1st July 2011, 02:51 PM
Ships Name and Service RecordFull Name
Angus Ian Macdonald Discharge Book Number
R 859842 Department
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EDH Ships

MV Hauraki -1968-1969..

MV Romanby-1969.

MV Britannic-1970.

SS Suevic 1970-1971.

MV Hesperus-1971

MV Sig Ragne-1972

GTV Asiafreighter-1972.

MV Dunkyle-1972-1973.

MV Cast Seal-1979.

MV Wiltshire-1980.

MV Cast Petrel-1980-1981.

SS Lepeta-1981.

SS Lampas 1981-1982.

MV Northia-1982.

MV Ability-1983.

RFA Resource-1984

MS Naticina-1984-1985.

MV Lucerna-1985.

MV Appleby-1985-1986.

Seaboard Offshore-1986-1988.

Maersk Navarin-1988.

RFA Resource-1988-1989.

MV Angelique V-1989.

MV Bridgeman 1989.

MV Corriente-1990-1991.

Gary Bradley
24th February 2017, 10:00 PM
sailed on 3 of your boats, northia 85/6, resource 83 i think and lepeta 84, happy times, small world...

Doc Vernon
24th February 2017, 10:09 PM
Hello Ian
Welcome to the site ,nice line up of Ships there
Hope you have a long and enjoyable stay here with all of us

You carry my Fathers and Brothers names there (Ian and Ian Max Donald!)

Des Taff Jenkins
25th February 2017, 12:39 AM
Hi Gary.
Welcome to the site hope you enjoy all the banter and memories. List all your ships and dates you were on them, there have been plenty of reunions of old ship mates here.
Cheers Des.
PS. Vernon Angus Mac's post was in 2008 when he listed his ships. ZZZZZZZ