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21st June 2011, 05:23 PM

I am trying to research my Grandfathers history and have obtained his records from the National Archives.

The information I have received is absolute first class, but I am struggling with the CRS 10.

The handwriting isn't top notch and the middle portion I cannot make sense of:confused:

I have attached an image of the page in the vain hope someone can make sense of it :)

Many thanks in advance.


21st June 2011, 06:48 PM
Unfortunately some of these hand written documents and abreviations are unknown.

From what little I can interpret, he was at Vancouver 2/4/43 and then at Montreal 10/4/43 and I am only guessing he may have been on the Canadian Pool. The next thing is what ever agreement he was on was terminated on 3/3/44 at what seems to be Bombay. The ships name I can not make out, but states he did not sign on. The next thing is he is given a Sealot No. indicating he was given some kind of transportation order for repatriation and the ship being the Orontes (This can be confirmed through the Orontes movements as she was in Bombay from the 20/3/44/ to the 26/3/44) He arrived at Liverpool on the 20/5/44

He then joined the Moreton Bay at Liverpool 7/6/44 and seems to have been taken sick at Karachi and was issued another Sealot No. and discharged as fit 23/8/44 and sent to Bombay and arrived six days later and received another Sealot No. and was placed on board the Stratheden 25/9/44 for the voyage home. (This can also be confirmed from her movements)

On arriving back at Liverpool he was issued with a CRS-8, which is a certificate of discharge from Merchant Navy Service. He is recorded as suffering from anxiety nervosis.

At the time little was pity was shown to Merchant Seamen suffering with this condition and he was issued a CRS-66 form, which was a process sheet for National Service action. In other words he was down to be drafted into the armed forces. This was issued on the 29/3/45, but probably was never applied as the war in Europe was just a month away from ending. He is then shown joining another ship 16/7/47

21st June 2011, 07:04 PM
My best effort on the middle section:

Canadian Pool IN (????) Dock St (OCA)
Canadian Pool IN (5287) 2.4.43 Vancouver
Canadian Pool OUT (5287) D Algonquin 10.4.43 Montreal.
Engaged Algonquin? 11/4/43 San Pedro Sealot 5066/43 Sealot 14,292/351 Bombay?
AMPool out 166. Did not sign on. M M 437
Repatriated per 'ORONTES' 24.3.44 Sealot 14,292/351/Bombay Passage paid by owner to UK. 20.5.44

Last ship in 1947 was the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co ship 'MONAS ISLE'.


Ian Malcolm
21st June 2011, 08:16 PM

I've printed this out, but made the writing only marginally clearer in Photoshop. As your grandfather was apparently discharged from the Queen Elizabeth in Greenock, I don't know how he got to Canada although the Lizzie made regular trips to Halifax and I went there on her myself in 1943. I rather suspect he left the ship in Halifax.

It would seem that your grandfather entered the Canadian Merchant Marine Manning Pool, similar to the Pool in the UK which assigned seamen to ships. The document appears to read Can Postin, Can Poolin and Can Poolout. He was in Vancouver and then Montreal at this time and they sent him to San Pedro, California, to join the Algonquin. There is a D before the ship's name in the first instance and I don't know why this should be. Also, it appears that he signed on as a 'sailor'. He signed on the Algonquin on 17.4.43 and signed off her in Bombay on 3.3.44. He was repatriated to the UK as a passenger on the Orontes, joining her on 24.3.44 in Bombay and leaving her in Liverpool on 20.5.44. His next ship was the Morton Bay, but I think you can read the rest.

Best wishes


22nd June 2011, 04:26 PM
Many thanks for the Quick responses.

I honestly did'nt know where to start with this, but the information supplied in a little under 24 Hrs has been absolute first class.

One thing that surprises me, is the short list of vessels my Grandfather sailed on prior to being discharged, is it possible some vessels are missing from the list?

Was it common to be transferred to the Canadian pool, and would they hold any records?

Looking at the information you have all supplied, it looks like my Grandfather started off as any other seaman, but something happened in his career that has affected him badly leading up to his eventual discharge.

Many thanks again for the information provided, to that end I am going to make a donation to the site.


9th August 2011, 07:37 PM

Bit of an update to this, stumbling across Ancestry and the search engine spat out the passenger list of the ORONTES with my Grandfather listed with what appears to be the rest of the crew of the SS ALGONQUIN.

The remarks column lists "At Sea" I have searched for the SS ALGONQUIN but can only find a USAHS ALGONQUIN and a 1917 vessel of the same name.

I have attached the passenger list you may have to zoom in using word.


9th August 2011, 09:02 PM
'ALGONQUIN' official number 168232 built in 1920. Came into British registration in 1941.

Algonquin - (1920-1941) (http://www.aukevisser.nl/mobil/id645.htm)


9th August 2011, 10:00 PM

The movements of the ship as indicated on ConvoyWeb tends to agree with the form CRS 10.

Los Angeles, Apr 25, 1943 Independent Seattle, Apr 30, 1943
Seattle, May 2, 1943 Independent Los Angeles, May 8, 1943
Los Angeles, May 15, 1943 Independent Melbourne, Jun 20, 1943
Melbourne, Jun 26, 1943 Independent Abadan, Jul 27, 1943
Abadan, Jul 30, 1943 Independent
Bandar Abbas, Aug 5, 1943 PA.48 (Bandar Abbas - Aden)
Independent Fremantle, Aug 29, 1943
Fremantle, Sep 4, 1943 Independent Abadan, Sep 28, 1943
Abadan, Oct 1, 1943 Independent
Bandar Abbas, Oct 11, 1943 PB.59 (Bandar Abbas - Bombay) Bombay, Oct 17, 1943
Bombay, Oct 25, 1943 BP.100 (Bombay - Bandar Abbas) Bandar Abbas, Oct 30, 1943
Bandar Abbas, Oct 30, 1943 Independent Abadan, Nov 1, 1943
Abadan, Nov 2, 1943 Independent
Bandar Abbas, Nov 9, 1943 PA.60 (Bandar Abbas - Aden)
Independent Adelaide, Dec 10, 1943
Adelaide, Dec 11, 1943 Independent Port Pirie, Dec 15, 1943
Port Pirie, Dec 15, 1943 Independent Melbourne, Dec 18, 1943
Melbourne, Jan 13, 1944 Independent Abadan, Feb 11, 1944
Abadan, Feb 16, 1944 Independent
Bandar Abbas, Feb 24, 1944 PB.69 (Bandar Abbas - Bombay) Bombay, Mar 1, 1944

There is also the Official Log/Crew Agreements for the ship held at the National Archives.

The official movement card is also available at Kew to download for 3.50. Held in piece BT 389/1 here: The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=8168158&queryType=1&resultcount=4)