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Keith Tindell
10th June 2011, 03:56 PM
Hi Union Castle guys,
I recently visited Capetown, after some 55 years or so, obviously changed considerably, is a lovely city now, thank god the old discrimination is gone. 55 years ago on the Castle boats, and running out of money, as usual, does anyone remember going to the railway station, where they sold tikki hock?, as deck boys was all we could afford on the return visit, Keith Tindell

Doc Vernon
10th June 2011, 09:23 PM
Hi Keith T
Yes mate sure do remember that Tikki Hock Bar,it was a very poplar place for the old down and outs at that time,where they could drop in for a few cheap shots!
I too had a few of those and must say they were not too bad haha!
The actual Tikki Hock used to be made out of all the dregs that overspilled into the Stainless steel trays under the Counters!
So you never knew what you were getting!
Kept you warm inside and also quite tipsy haha:D
Ah the good old days!

I bet you saw a big change there,especially the new Area down by the Docks!
That V&A Waterfront with all the Hotels and attractions is fab!
Hope you went on one of the small Cruises too!
Even the City has changed so much,with that new (well not so new anymore)Station and all the stalls there with them selling all their goodies!

Did you get to go up the Table top in the also near new Cable Car,a big change to the old small one they had!

Inside old Station
Outside old Station with Tikki Hock Bar visible on the Left!

happy daze john in oz
11th June 2011, 05:11 AM
Tikki Hoc bar, hic,hic, cause I member it, hic,hic, who could foget ish, hic, hic, wat you mean no money, hic, hic go to tiddy hic bar hic,hic....................................

Keith Tindell
11th June 2011, 08:18 AM
Hi, Memories of Capetown eh, when we visited we did go up on the table by the new cablecar, had never managed it when i visited on the Castle boat, if you remember to get to the cablecar meant passing by the old Delmonicos, so never managed it. If memory is correct, used to sit and look at the ceiling in Delmonicos, and wonder whether it was the stars!!!, even met the *Capetown Virgin*, but never indulged in the pleasures. Delmonicos long gone, now offices, Regards Keith

Doc Vernon
12th June 2011, 02:14 AM
Hi Keith
Not only did you se the Stars loking up at the ceiling of the Del,but i am sure mny of us saw other sorts of Stars too haha!:D
Yes great memories pf good old days in CTown mate!
Remember the City Hall Hotel! Opposite the Grand Parade,many a good call Girl there too!
And what about the Balalaika Club now that was something else!
Then the old De Waal Hotel where many of th UCL Lads used to go to.

Many will aso recall the old Harbour Cafe,a bit of a dive then,but the Food wasnt to bad at all!
And lastly the good old Waldorf Cafe where many a good Evening was spent.

15th July 2011, 09:53 PM
What a great pic ... iv hit every wall in that place ...got pissed there cheap ...then on to navigators,, hit every wall in there ..then on to catacoombs ...hit every wall there ...then back to the ship ....great night out ....couldnt do it here ....

15th July 2011, 10:01 PM
is that flower market still there

David Williams
16th July 2011, 03:22 PM
Hi Keith.
Tikki Hock,now that brings back memories of my time
on the Edinburgh Castle,and many happy hours on the
Cape,with visits to "Del Monico's".

Dave Williams

patrick scanlan r693925
25th October 2011, 06:27 PM
dont forget darrels get a fight in there if u wanted one got brandy from the station (a couple of tiki hoks) inside you in you went :cool:

Colin Hawken
25th October 2011, 07:32 PM
Pictures of the Old Railway Station brought back some memories. Last time I saw it was 1950 at the time of Jan Smuts funeral Yes I really am that old. :D

Doc Vernon
25th October 2011, 09:31 PM
The Flower Market is funnily enough still going strong!
That is at the back of the Main Post office!
This one Pic shows the end of the Markets near the Standard Bank,the Post Office is just ahead!
Now called Trafalgar Place (Markets)
Some other nostalgia Pics haha!:)

30th December 2011, 11:39 PM
Tikki hock in the afternoon, ginger squares at the delmonico, end the evening at the navigators den, cape brandy or gordons gin, well pissed, rick thompson, ps athlone castle 1955 - 1958, sterling castle 1958 1960.

Doc Vernon
31st December 2011, 05:09 AM
Hi Rick
Welcome to the site and hope you have a good and long stay here with us all!
I see that you too were on the Sterling Castle (Sterling) thanks Keith T in 58, what capacity were you !? Catering perhaps!
I was on her at that time as well,so who knows we may have crossed paths!
I was catering,both First and Tourist Class!
What was your R Number ,as i have Crew Lists for that Year! On the Sterling!
Have yourelf a happy New Year!

Best Brandy i reckon is the old Klippies! (Klipdrift) Yummy in the Tummy! haha!

Keith Tindell
31st December 2011, 09:32 AM
Hi Rick,
I was on the Stirling Castle from Oct 58 till Feb 59, looking at my discharge book , i was 2 trips deck boy, one trip JOS, happy days, interesting to note that yourself and Doc Vernon both spell it Sterling!!, just wondering.I went back to Capetown a couple of years back, still a lovely city, Best regards Keith Tindell

Chris Isaac
31st December 2011, 11:45 AM

Doc Vernon
31st December 2011, 09:22 PM
Aplologies Keith T yes indeed it is Stirling!
Must have hit the wrong button,or is it just habit! haha!:smashPC:

Indeed as well Keith T i have your name on my Crew list on the under 18 section (Deck Boy).so we were on the Ship at the same time! Wages then were 14 Pounds 10 Shillings a Month,gees we were rich! I was then on a higher wage as asst Stwd getting a massive 32 Pounds 5 Shillings Wow!!! Went mad on first shore leave with all that and my Tips too! haha!
R689--- wont put it all there in case! Says from Hants West Bromley! Signed on 17th Dec 1958 Commencement of Voyage! Long time ago now Keith! Where has the time gone!

PS Cannot find Rick T on the list? Wonder what happened!?

David Williams
1st January 2012, 11:08 AM
... where they sold tikki hock?...l

Hi Keith.
Soon as I read "Tikki Hock" it brought back memories
of the Edinburgh Castle and time ashore arouind the
Cape.Did you ever get into Del Monico night club ?

Dave Williams

Keith Tindell
1st January 2012, 11:35 AM
Hi David,
Indeed many fuzzy memories from Del M, spent a lot of money in there over three trips, Regards Keith

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Hi Vernon,
Yes, thats me on the crew list, i was from Bramley, Surrey, just a spotty faced nipper of 17 years. But they were good times for a young lad, 14 pounds a month!!!!!, and i thought i was jack the lad. Where i live (Isle of Wight) i still watch all the cruise liners leaving the Solent, and think that was me 54 years ago. When i go to Southampton i still see the old pier where we used to go to the dance the night before we sailed, regards and happy new year Keith

Doc Vernon
1st January 2012, 08:36 PM
Hi Keith T
Ahhh! that Pier at Southampton,now who could forget that place!
All those lovely Dolls ,the Dancing and the Fun!
Recall that large Hall,with all the Mini Skirts flowing in the Air as we did all those crazy Bop things haha!

So its Bramley Surry, wonder why they have Bromley Hants!
Anyway yes good times in them days Keith,unforunately nevr to be repeated!

That Del Monice sure did take the cash from us LOL!:D

All the best to you too Keith,Haapy New Year!

Doc Vernon
28th January 2012, 10:34 AM
The South African Tiki was a tiny silver 3 penny coin, just like the ones that used to be put in Xmas puds in the UK.
But does anyone know why it was called that>
Here is the answer in case!

tickey/ticky/tickie/tiki/tikki/tikkie = ticky or tickey was an old pre-decimal British silver threepenny piece (3d, equating loosely to 1p). The tickey slang was in use in 1950s UK (in Birmingham for example), although the slang is more popular in South Africa, from which the British usage seems derived. In South Africa the various spellings refer to a SA threepenny piece, and now the equivalent SA post-decimalisation 2 cents coin. South African tickey and variations - also meaning 'small' - are first recorded in the 19th century from uncertain roots (according to Partridge and Cassells) - take your pick: African distorted interpretation of 'ticket' or 'threepenny'; from Romany tikeno and tikno (meaning small); from Dutch stukje (meaning a little bit)

By the way that Dutch word (Stukje) we use as well but in a differnt light,we said Stukkie,which also meant (A little Bit) but in a very different way if you catch my drift haha!

Doc Vernon
28th January 2012, 10:40 AM
That must have been the Mellowood Brandy talking!
That stuff always made me want to pick a Barney haha!
Mind you never always came out on top! haha!:D
More than once got taken back to the Ship by the local Cops,thrown in the back (and i mean thrown) of the Black Maria Head First! Ouchhh! Damn !! Thought we were just pieces of Meat i reckon!
Oh well i suppose i asked for it! Grrrrr!:whoopdedoo:

Now why would they have called it Mellowood! Far from Mellow!
I call it Mellow Yellow!! haha!:violent1:

happy daze john in oz
30th January 2012, 05:17 AM
Vernon, those little coins were made so the bloods on the ships could leave a tip at the end of the voyage. All we ever got were Tikis under the side plate, not even enough to go to the Tiki Hoc bar. But the Mellowood, and the Oudemister, and the KWV as well as a few others made up for that.

Doc Vernon
30th January 2012, 05:35 AM
Well John
The time must have changed quite a bit from 1958,as i have said before i was always well Tipped (no not Tipsy)by my Bloods,and in actual fact got enough from them on each and every trip to have a realy good time,Buy some clobber and have some over for other Ports!
My actual Wages most of it was sent home to my dear Mum,who was on her own with my baby Sister
I personally could not complain about the Tips!
No Tick's under my plates! haha!
I used to on average get an Envelope from nearly each person (Family) at the end of whatever sector they did of around 20 Quid,thus if you worked that out if i had two sittings of say 14 Bloods and an average of say 4 to a Family ,that gave me about 6 to 7 Envelopes,making it around the 120/140 Quid .and there were occasions that i got even more!
That was well above my actual wages! Of then only about 33 Quid a Month!!
Boy i was in Heavan,each time i took Shore leave i was loaded in more ways than one LOL!

Keith Tindell
30th January 2012, 08:58 AM
Hi Vernon,
No tips for us poor old deck crew, if i had known you were on that much dosh on the Stirling, i would have looked you up for a beer , Ha ha Keith

Doc Vernon
30th January 2012, 09:14 AM
You and many others Keith
And believe me would all have been Welcome!
As they say here in Aus! My Shout!! That was what i would have said,as i did to many others!
Yes great times with lots of dosh in the Skyrocket!
Posh clothes,fine Food and the best in Sheilas! haha!
Wish i had had the insight to save some though! Would have been rich Today!
Oh well at least we get by!And are Happy!

Colin Hawken
30th January 2012, 12:16 PM
Nothing left of the pier now Vern. Destroyed by fire several years ago.The rather imposing domed entrance building is now an Indian restaurant.Pricy but very good value for money I'm told. Guess I'll have to check it out sometime.

Keith Tindell
1st February 2012, 10:42 AM
Hi Vernon,
Just looking through old posts, and in one you asked the name of the Captain?, just looked in my discharge book and it was Captain Oakley, i think thats how its spelt, he was Captain for the three trips i was on her, my cousin was Captains tiger for at least one of those trips , regards Keith Tindell

happy daze john in oz
2nd February 2012, 05:34 AM
Keith, Captain Oakley, often refered to as 'Annie Oakley'. Had him as skipper on the Windsor, think he took her on maiden voyage and stayed on for about a dozen or so. Only logged me once, but was a fair man I found.What was the name of his tiger at the time you knew him, I did some time as officers steward.

Keith Tindell
2nd February 2012, 10:46 AM
tikki hock

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Hi John, Sorry about the last post, still getting used to the new system!!!, Captains Tiger would have been Sydney, and would have come from the Gosport area

happy daze john in oz
3rd February 2012, 05:28 AM
Captains Tiger would have been Sydney

Not the guy I am thinking of, maybe he came along abit later around about voyage 10 or so. Young lad by the name of Paul.

English Margaret
14th April 2012, 11:25 AM
my dad was band leader at the waldorf from 1953-1955. Jimmy luff and his band, ex BBC, london.

Captain Kong
14th April 2012, 02:18 PM
Cape Town used to be fairly safe to walk around in the early 50s, I had relatives living in Seapoint and I would walk it back to the ship at midnight no probs.
In August 1976 I went with a mate up Adderley Street at 4pm on a sunny afternoon and we were slowly surrounded by ten Skollies, two in fron three on either side and two behind and very close up, we were "guided" round a corner, there was no escape, very well organised, and then attacked, We had a hell of a battle and finally fought our way out. My mate lost his jacket with his wallet, cash and cards in it. The Skollies ran off with it.
We went to the Police Station and a Detective checked his gun and said follow me, we got into his car and drove around town to look for them. He then said , I know who they are , they are from District Six, which at the time was full of derelect buildings, the residents were being moved to new bungalows on the Cape Flats on the road to the Airport. The Riots were on at the time. By now it was getting dark, no street lights and all kinds of derelection. He pulled out his gun Follow me he shouts and we run after him, I am right up his back as close as I could get, If shooting started he was a good cover. we ran around for a while and saw no one. So then he gave up. and took us back to town.
I was in Cape Town in 2001, Adderley Street was full of the blacks, we had to walk in the road, we had been advised by the hotel not to go there after 3pm.
New laws said the blacks could have their stalls on the side walks outside all the stores so they could compete for business, all the side walks on both side were packed and sothe only way to go was to walk in the middle of the road in all the traffic. We gave up and went to the V&A instead.We went back to Cape Town again in 2009 and still the same , dont go out after 3pm or the Skollies will get you. so all our time was spent in the V&A.
A lovely City knackered.
I went up the road to the Airport, the new bungalows that were built in 1976 were now slums, garbage and graffiti everywhere and more and more tin and tarporlin shanties all the way to the airport, it was a Mess. where were the new houses for everyone that Mandela promised, He had already got his 10,000,000 mansion.

Tony Morcom
14th April 2012, 04:23 PM
I remember them starting to build those bungalows and how it was supposed to be a major improvement for the city. Such a shame to hear how its all gone wrong. I spent 10 days there with my first wife waiting for a ship to arrive in 76.

Captain Kong
14th April 2012, 04:30 PM
I first saw them in 1976 when I was flying with Court Helicopters as an Observer, Scotty was driving me down from the Airport and we were passing them, They looked really nice, each one had a grass verge outside and their own space, They were very reluctant to move in there, he told me, they had free electricity and water. They wanted to stay in District Six which was a slum more than a hundred years old. That was the cause of the riots they had at that time.
Now they look worse than a slum. A waste of time and money .

Doc Vernon
14th April 2012, 10:07 PM
Hi Capt
Certainly not disputing any of your stories,as i know these things happen,and not only in Cape Town but many other places around the World!

Anyway i was back home in Cape Town in 1998 for a visit to my dear Sister,and i can assure you that i went out in the Evenings in the City and never had any troubles at all!

Yes one must be watchfull,as there are the elements there as you mention the (Skollies) just another name for the baddies isnt it!
They have all sorts of names all over the World for people like them!

The Stalls you mention were most definately there too,but to me and many Tourists that i saw wondering around really loved the Goods that were on sale ,some wonderfull pieces of good Woodcraft and many other Items!
These stalls were given the go ahead by the Cape City Council,to assist the people to earn a living,which is a good thing in a Country that is now struggling with the Rand at a very low level!

The thing i did notice whilst there was the constant presence of armed Police standing all over the place with thier AK 45 Automatics at the ready,this to me was something that i had not seen before,but again to me,this presence made me feel safer ,not that i was ever in danger ,but things do happen,and this was reassuring to me and many others!
These Police are really ready for anything,and thier reaction time is wondefull!
I say this as i did at one time see a robbery at a Jewellers Store in Adderley Street ,and believe me i have never seen such fast reaction time!
Within Seconds there were over a Dozen of these Cops ,and in Minutes had the Suspect under Arrest!
Most Jeweller Stores have very heavy Gaurds very close at hand!
I think that more Police presence in many other Cities would also be welcomed! I know here in Sydney it would be !

On the whole Cape Town is still quite a safe place to walk around even after dark,but as said one must watch out,this applies in any large City,take Sydney for example,in some areas at night i woudnt be seen there for quids!!

The V&A Waterfront really is something to take in,as you well know,with lots to do and see!
The Day trips to various places,one of course being the famous Robin Island trip!

To me Durban and Johannesburg are the places to be very very wary of,as there is so many more Crimes etc going on at these Cities!

So to end for me Cape Town is still the Hub of South Africa,and at present is rated amongst the top five Tourists destinations in the World,that in itself says something!

Just my views Lads!]


Cape Town voted world's 6th best tourist city

Cape Town has been voted one of the top ten cities tourists like to visit in the recent annual poll of Travel & Leisure magazine readers. Cape Town was ranked 6th overall in the 11th annual poll of The World’s Best Awards, a competition that is highly esteemed by the travel world.
Andrew Arnolds, deputy mayor of Cape Town attended the awards ceremony at the Rockefeller Centre in New York this week. He said that the award reaffirms the Mother City as a world-class destination. Awards like these strengthen the city’s position on the international stage and create huge potential for addressing many of the socio-economic problems in South Africa.
Cape Town received a score of 85.39 from readers, putting it ahead of places like New York City, Buenos Ares and Venice. The awards puts Cape Town amongst some of the perennial favourite cities in the world, such as Florence, which was voted favourite destination city for the second time, Bangkok and Sydney. Readers of the magazine poll the cities based on various categories such as hotels, tourist infrastructure and general appeal. Some of the hotels in Cape Town that were highly rated included the Mount Nelson, Table Bay Hotel and the Cape Grace... But is was another South African hotel, Singita Private Game Reserve, Sabi Sands, that was rated the top hotel overall, receiving a rating of 97.56..

2009 Rated 2rd

Now in 2011 rated Number 1


Captain Kong
14th April 2012, 10:40 PM
Hi Vernon , it was just that having been attacked once by the Skollies it still felt unsafe especially having Anne with me and I didnt want to put her in any danger. sometimes it did feel a little menacing. It is a beautiful city one of the best in the world. We did the Robben Island trip and sat in Mandela`s Cell.
My aunts, uncles and cousins have always lived there in Seapoint once a lovely area, but I was told last time I was there in 2009 that the area has been taken over by the drug gangs etc especially at the bottom end.
I first saw Mandela in 1976 when I went to the Island in the Court Helicopter with prisoners and stores, the Pilot pointed him out to me.

Doc Vernon
15th April 2012, 03:33 AM
Hi Capt
Can fully understand your feelings of putting either yourself or dear Anne in any danger mate!
After that attack i can understand !
But as said generally in Cape Town things are not too bad,and very little happens as far as attacks on Visitors are concerned,this is a fact,as the Skollies and others too know just too well what to expect if caught! The Law there is very tough i know from first and experience!

Next time you go there just remember a few words that will keep them away,as if they hear you talking Afrikaans they soon think that you understand what they are saying!
Works well believe me!

If any approach you just say out loud in Afrikaans!

What is it you want dont try anything as i am a police officer

Wat is dit wat jy wil het, monie probeer om iets te doen as ek is 'n polisiebeampte

Try getting this correct !! I know it may be diffucult haah!

Sea Point as you say was a wonderfull place to live,but i too have heard that it is not too good nowdays in certain areas!
But there again Capt like anywhere if one keeps to oneself,normally living is quite OK!
I recall the Authurs Seat Hotel (not sure if its still there) was a lovely Hotel to go and have a drink,especially in the Main Lounge!

Cheers Keep well!
Hello Anne!!

Keith Tindell
15th April 2012, 08:30 AM
Hi Guys,
I was in Capetown for 14 days 3 years ago, we thought it was a lovely city now, i had been there several times in the late 50,s, in the bad old days. we stayed in the Town House Hotel, right by the police station, and went out in the city with no hazzle at all, caught the hop on hop off bus, and got off in several places, we went to the botanical garden, and there had been a mugging in the more remote part of the garden some days before, so we were cautious. In the city itself there were security personnel everywhere, on horseback, motorbikes, on foot, and at the cash machines. We did not leave the hotel after dark, had we done so we would have taken a taxi, as per advice. We had a fantastic stay at Inver Dorn(spelling?) safari farm. My only regret we did not go to Robin Island, hopefully on a future visit(if the improves), regards Keith

Captain Kong
15th April 2012, 08:33 AM
Thanks for that Vernon,
The relatives lived at the top of Regent Road in Seapoint , it was the bottom of that road where the baddies where last time. and the cousins lived in apartments along the sea front at Seapoint, nearer to the swim pool.
it was nice in the old days. Last time there three years ago the pool was closed, I think it was beeing rebuilt.

Doc Vernon
15th April 2012, 09:30 AM
Hi Again Capt
jus a few Pics!
Look at the past and the present at the Pool!
Cripes spot the White dot! haha!

English Margaret
15th April 2012, 11:01 PM
I used to live with my parents in sea point in the late '50's, it was a lovely place, used to go to the pool a lot. On saturdays they used to have a "hop" (dance) at the pavillion and sea point itself was great with their expresso bars. Sadly its all changed now, sea point is now being run by the brutal "numbers" and "americans" gangs. Not safe at all.:(

happy daze john in oz
16th April 2012, 06:13 AM
Vernon, will you please stop puting photos of young SA girls on site, it plays havoc with some of the lads blood pressure LOL.
Cape Town city of my dreams, some good, some>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wel let's not go there.
Very good friend of mine here in Melbourne, born in Durban, raised in Jo'burg with family in Cape Town. Back there two years ago and said Durban is now what she considers not safe for whites. But in Cape Town one evening out with the family for dinner and in burst three guys with guns demanding the customers put all their money in a bag they had as well as jewelry. The good news is they took too long at it and the owner was able to contact the police. Sirens blaring the crooks took off with nothing when they heard. Not sure what part of town but somewhere on the outskirts.

Colin Hawken
16th April 2012, 12:32 PM
Post #6 Not the Rick Thompson at Lordswood,Southampton by any chance?

English Margaret
30th April 2012, 09:01 PM

any one you know. Have more if you are interested.

Doc Vernon
30th April 2012, 09:31 PM
Used to see many like that in those Days Margaret, not unlike myself at times haha!
That pic and the others i have seen before,the days of Billy Monk!
My dear old Mum used to go there too,she was a well known Lady there,and liked by all!

Lou Barron
1st May 2012, 03:36 AM
The thing that i remember of Capetown was the COPS and keep out of number six district but mind you being a youhg boy at that time i thought Capetown was wonderful

happy daze john in oz
1st May 2012, 06:21 AM
The girl in the firts picture looks familiar, but then again so many looked like that in our day.

English Margaret
1st May 2012, 08:12 AM
would you be surprized if I told you it was me, ha, I havnt touched a drop for more than 30 years, and then I grew up:cool:

English Margaret
1st May 2012, 12:41 PM

Tony Wilding
1st May 2012, 05:06 PM
I thought it was you, , the things we did, ? i woke up in some very strange places, the thought of a hangover now is enough to stop me, was strange really, as soon as i got back to the UK i stopped drinking, untill the next trip, and did not miss it. it was a different atmosphere when away.

happy daze john in oz
2nd May 2012, 06:55 AM

Very large Mole on the neck of the girl in second photo??????????????????

English Margaret
2nd May 2012, 08:43 AM
what a dosy looking lot, haha, I wrote about my memoirs about 20 years ago and took it to an editor of a newspaper to edit for me, which he did, and then he said he lost it, I dont think, he did me in. maybe I will try again. :mad:

Doc Vernon
2nd May 2012, 11:00 PM
I should do the same Margaret,with all that i have done and been through it may make some very interesting reading,but Oh i am so lazy to get on with writing,it for me is such a task!
Its bad enough me sitting here typing the Posts haha!

Tony Wilding
2nd May 2012, 11:21 PM
Hi Margaret, i started to write a book on my sea time experiences i wrote about 4 chapters, but i chickened out, left nothing out, did not think anyone would print it, was a bit naughty, but all true, hard to believe some of what we got up to, wine, women, flogging ships gear, setting fire to a ship, and some lurid runs ashore, dens of iniquity, more bad heads than i care to remember, never forget when i got home on leave, first thing my mother used to say, i hope you behaved yourself, ! i never said. the youngsters of today would never believe what we did.:th_thth5952deef:

happy daze john in oz
3rd May 2012, 06:26 AM
Started writing my life story a few years ago, about 4/5 done now. My sister read some and told me she recalls some of it as some happened home on leave. But my mum always said, 'hello son you home again , when you going back'???????

English Margaret
3rd May 2012, 09:57 AM
I should do the same Margaret

Vernon, I feel the same, I have this laptop, only a year old, but when I type the curser jumps back and I find Im typing in the middle of a sentance, its so frustrating, all the words get jumbled up, anyway it helps me double check my spelling lol. this has happened 5 times now while typing this. so frustrating , taking so long to type something :smashPC:

Peter Trodden
3rd May 2012, 08:12 PM
Evening All,
Tikki, nothing to do with Cape Town,but has anyone here while visiting the Kiwi coast been given a Tikki for Good Luck. Usually given by a Maori girl and worn around the neck.
The Tikki was a ugli looking Maori God,made from green stone. I fell in love:rolleyes:with a Maori Princess in New Plymouth (1963) and on our last night together She gave me a Tikki and we swore eternal love.-----I never seen or heard from her again.:th_thth5952deef:
ttfn Peter T.

Ivan Cloherty
3rd May 2012, 10:19 PM
Vernon, I feel the same, I have this laptop, only a year old, but when I type the curser jumps back and I find Im typing in the middle of a sentance, its so frustrating, all the words get jumbled up, anyway it helps me double check my spelling lol. this has happened 5 times now while typing this. so frustrating , taking so long to type something :smashPC:

Margaret don't rely on your spell checker too much because

I have a spell in chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques for my revue
Miss steaks I kin knot sea
As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee four two long
and eye can put the error rite
It's rare lea ever wrong

Eye strike a quay and type a word
And weight four two say
Weather I am wrong or write It shows me strait aweigh

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased too no
It's letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew

or as Shakes spear wood say "two bee or knot two bee"

English Margaret
3rd May 2012, 10:37 PM
Margaret don't rely on your spell checker too much because

or as Shakes spear wood say "two bee or knot two bee"

that is theits not playing question,up now, damn

leonard hotchkiss
10th November 2016, 01:44 PM
i remember the tikihock bars and del monicoes very well when
on the castle boats the ok bazaars in the 60s thr cape brandy sold in a off licence then up to watch the stars hahaha great memories

happy daze john in oz
11th November 2016, 05:50 AM
It is said that honesty is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Like wise the Tiki Hok bar in Cape Town was the last refuge of the seaman who was skint.

But along with all those other wonderful places mentioned, now all gone, bring back such wonderful mamories.

The De Waal hotel where ships dances on a Tuesday night were held is still there, but that is about it.

11th November 2016, 06:27 AM
Surely the Del Monica is still there. One of your earlier posts about a person of your acquaintance sounded very familiar to one I knew just up the road from such. She also had various family females of course who resided in Woodstock which I was told at the time to keep clear of. Prudence being the better part of valour, I just ignored, and had plenty of jolly times ashore in the Del Monica, Woodstock, and just up the road from the same.( Del Monica). Kapstaad was always a great place at one time. JS

Doc Vernon
11th November 2016, 09:23 AM
The Del is long gone JS but was always a great place for a good relax with Don Storer on the Drums and Cherry Wainer Singing there!
My old Mum was also a Singer there, only part time but was well liked!
Those were the days of hardship in our Family! No more said!

Woodstock too was not really a bad place even then JS I lived there in Balfour Street ,on the Upper high side recall that as Younger Lads used to race our Bicycles down the steep Road from where I lived to the Lower Main Road,dare Devils we were!

As I remember we never really had too much trouble there,but there was always the Gang Rivalry between
the 'Duke" George Ivanasevic and Bertie Steyn ,I met them both and they were good Guys in their own rights!
Bertie was from Woodstock and the Duke was from Sea Point.

It all ended one day with both of them being locked up for various things they did,and they had it out really bad in the Nick,with Bertie Smashing the Duke to pieces Breaking his Arm and a few other things too.
After that Episode they both went very quiet and we never heard from either again! ?? Wonder what ever happened to them! More than likely died in the Nick!

As for the old Tikki Hoc Bar well that place too was a regular hangout for a lot of us under age Runabouts,and some time after that as well,as I recall going there a few times when Docking in Cape Town that stugg was like a Time Bomb! Drink three or four Tikki Hoc's ,you still felt AOK but when you went outside and the Cape Air hit you that Tikki Hoc hit you even harder,i saw many walk out and almost immediately fall flat! That was something!

Oh yes them were the days of Guns and Roses! LOL
Remember the old Fags we used to smoke a Kids too LOL:)



11th November 2016, 09:48 AM
Can still see the stars on the ceiling the same as the Playhouse in Durban. I used to stick to the Ginger squares could do enough damage on them. Think I will leave my body for research, as started smoking very early in life and was in my late fourties when finally stopped, but even since then have had the odd cigar at various times. As regards cigarettes 60 a day was about average but would say if a long day would be nearer 80. Only stopped because I couldn't afford. If home on leave couldn't go to bed at night if knew there were no cigarettes to wake up to. One place the wife wouldn't allow smoking was in the bedroom and anywhere upstairs really as contaminated the other bedrooms. So cigarettes and whiskey and wild wild women have survived and passed the 3 score and 10. Slowing down a bit now though, I blame it on Climate change. Cheers JS

William Clark
11th November 2016, 12:47 PM
Remember it well. was the place to go when you had next to nothing
in your pocket.

happy daze john in oz
12th November 2016, 06:06 AM
The Play House in Durban, got chucked out of there as well. So many good establishments that did not want my trade.
We had been on the sauce most of the day and though that if we drank the beer out of our shoe sit would save the winger washing up time. Management thought differently.
No sense of fair play some of those guys!

David Williams
6th February 2017, 10:58 AM
Downed a few of them over the years.
Dave Williams.
PS I still have a couple of tikkies
hanging about somewhere.

Doc Vernon
6th February 2017, 06:35 PM
If they are at all 1931 ones Dave keep them,worth some Cash mate!


Matt Wilkinson
18th July 2018, 06:58 AM
I was there on the Ellerman Line, loved Capetown except for the politics.Went back about 5 years ago and the port had not changed that much all those shops wow the wife had a ball.

Doc Vernon
18th July 2018, 07:15 AM
Depends on when you are talking about the Port not changed!?
Of the Memories I have and I am from Cape Town the Port in the 50''s was a heck of a lot different then,with many Berths for Ships from all over,nowdays although still can get in some large Ships not quite as many and the old look certainly has changed,some say for the better Mmmm! I loved the old look.

How it is these days


Keith Tindell
18th July 2018, 07:30 AM
Thats the view i remember most Vernon, although i did enjoy my visit in 2011, thought it was a lovely city still. I stayed in the Town House Hotel, right by the police station, and the park with the Governers house. kt

Ivan Stretten
18th July 2018, 07:48 AM
I remember the tikki hock well, a good drink for three old pence, I use to dock in Capetown when I worked on the Castle ships

James Tindill
18th July 2018, 08:30 AM
I recall a story relating to the 3pence shot. That it was the dregs from the small bowl the barman placed his tot measure in after he'd poured a drink! You could buy it the next morning for 3pence! Hope that wasn't the one you got.��

Robbie Murray
18th July 2018, 09:42 AM
What about the Navigators' Den?

18th July 2018, 12:59 PM
Tikki Hock, Tikki was 3 pence and Tikki Hock went up to sixpence. first stop ashore the railway station for a cheap buzz then off to Delmonicos night club. Bring your own bottle and buy Cokes. Every night was a party and the band was always cool. When the ships phones were hooked up we would phone out for a bottle of Paarl Brandy, which arrived in about 10 minutes. OK Bazaars, cheap records and burgers and then crazy days on the coast.

michael hooper
18th July 2018, 02:08 PM
my first introduction to the tikki hock bar at the railway station in capetown was when I was a deck boy on the Athlone castle in September 1954,i was only 16 years old .I remember getting drunk there and suffering for it after.michael hooper.

john middleton
18th July 2018, 02:09 PM
Don't forget the Captain's Cabin.
Enjoyed the break in Cape Town the next few days were
hell with the cape runners eating us out of house and home
(I was a 1/c waiter on the Pretoria), good mornings in East London
swimming and a game on the beach after breakfast.

Bill Cameron
18th July 2018, 03:10 PM
Fond memories of the Tikki Hock bar at the railway station , when on the Windsor Castle 62/63 fond memories of Cape Town in many ways.

happy daze john in oz
19th July 2018, 06:47 AM
What about the Navigators' Den?

What memories that brings back
We had a couple of BR on the Windsor who did some work on the audio system there in the early 60's.

Great place to stay until the early hours.

Doc Vernon
19th July 2018, 06:51 AM
I recall a story relating to the 3pence shot. That it was the dregs from the small bowl the barman placed his tot measure in after he'd poured a drink! You could buy it the next morning for 3pence! Hope that wasn't the one you got.��

James that was exactly what you got all the dregs from the Barmans overflow plus a few other things too! But at that price who cared! LOL

Doc Vernon
19th July 2018, 07:09 AM
Thats the view i remember most Vernon, although i did enjoy my visit in 2011, thought it was a lovely city still. I stayed in the Town House Hotel, right by the police station, and the park with the Governers house. kt

Yes a nice Hotel there Keith and not too far from the Gardens Walk down the Avenue,what a lovely Walk that still is,how many times walked that Avenue feeding the Squirrils with Bags of Peanuts one would buy at the entry from the Peanut Seller!
We lived just at the top of that Avenue in a smallish Double Story White House it is still there and very very close to the famous Mt Nelson Hotel,which is of course direcrly oppsite the Avenue.


Keith Tindell
19th July 2018, 08:24 AM
That brought back some nice memories Vernon, as you say a nice hotel. I walked freely round Capetown with my wife, and had no problems at all. I did not go out at night, but did not feel in danger anywhere. had some lovely meals in various places in the city, and also took the *hop on-hop off bus* within the city and the outlying district. Enjoyed the visit to the district 6 museum, kt

Robbie Murray
19th July 2018, 06:01 PM
I'm not sure everyone lasted until the early hours! Didn't it have Wild West Saloon Doors? I have a vague memory of bodies flying out onto the pavement ....

happy daze john in oz
20th July 2018, 05:49 AM
Robbie, in those days so many weird and wonderful events took place.
Memories of heads in the morning you were convinced did not belong to you.
'Ladies, selling their bodies to the highest bidder as long as he had a bottle of Brandy in his pocket.
Seamen totally lost looking for some way back to their ship and not even aware of where they were.
Del Monicos where the celling moved, and would gallop after a few more Brandy Squares.

Robbie Murray
20th July 2018, 01:51 PM
Hi John
I came from a fairly sheltered background in Scotland, and ended up in South Africa as a musician on the Oranje in 1969. I only ever visited these establishments once, then decided it was best to avoid them! I did, however, wander all over Capetown in the daytime, exploring and taking photographs, and on one occasion was stranded for several hours just short of the top station on the cable car, which was being blown around so much that it couldn't dock without smashing itself to pieces. Pretty scary stuff!

I got in tow with a very nice local Jewish girl who came on with her pal to do the coastal trip up to Durban and back, who asked me if I would accompany her on a meet up with a business associate of her father, who was asian, and would be unable to pick her up in his car unless she had a white escort. He was the nicest guy you could imagine, who gave us the most wonderful 2 day tour of Natal, and took us home for a meal which his wife had prepared. Until then, my only experience of curry was a tin of Heinz curried beans and sultanas, eaten cold at 3 in the morning when I had arrived home from a gig. They were revolting, and I was terrified that his wife's banquet would be equally disgusting ... I shouldn't have worried: it was all delicious, and I had made friends in Durban who I could meet up with on subsequent trips. When we got back to Capetown, the girl invited me to stay the night at her flat, but made it clear there'd be no legover without 'precautions'. I traipsed round a load of late night chemists in Capetown without success - they had no idea what Durex was! I'm not sure they even understood 'Condom', but eventually I was able to make myself understood ... (I shan't go into it....)

Can't leave the subject, of course, since you're in Oz, without mentioning the well known difficulty Australians looking for Sellotape used to have over here, when asking for 'Durex' in WH Smiths!

happy daze john in oz
21st July 2018, 06:11 AM
Yes mate, found it very odd when as a new one here a lady in the office asked me to pass the Durex to her.
Thought my luck was in until I discovered what she meant.

Curry in Durban, the greatest one I ever ate in my life was served up on a banana leaf in the Indian Market in Durban.
Not sure if it is still there now, but then what a place for a feed.
Large Indian population there in the 60's, still same now no doubt, but did very well in the market.

Robbie Murray
21st July 2018, 07:55 PM
What a magical place, with those great mounds of dayglo curry powder - "Mother in Law Curry - None Hotter!" Next door was the african market, with witch doctor stalls selling a terrifying mix of bits of dead snakes and animals ... Scary!

Looks like the Indian market is still there, but the other great local sight - the Rickshaw Boys - are apparently almost gone. I was told their life expectancy was no more than 35 ....


Doc Vernon
21st July 2018, 09:45 PM
Don't forget the best of all Curries Hot and Red in a Half Loaf of Fresh Bread the good old Bunny Chow! Yummy! They were Delicious!

Terry Sullivan
30th November 2018, 05:47 AM
You are not the only one that's that old! First time in Cape Town 1946 last time 1956. Castle boats still going strong then.
Terry Sullivan R340406