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Dick Roberts R755906
8th May 2011, 01:21 PM
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Richard Frederick Hyde Roberts ( Dickie ) Discharge Book Number
R755906 Department
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Bosun [ retired ] Ships

Duke of Mistra Sep 61 - May 62

St John.June - Sep 62

Crinan Oct - Dec62

Peregrine Feb -June63

Regent Falcon June - Oct 65

Eastgate Nov - Dec 65

Trewidden [ run job feb 65 ]

Harpalyce Feb - June 66

Vendome Jan - May 67

Eastgate June 68 - May 69[ Vietnam Runs ]

For the next eight years I was married and worked in Spain/ Portugal and the UK
in the Film Industry and Musical Entertainment Business.

Following my [ amicable ] divorce, I returned to the sea and joined the Mv Riverina in June 1977-Oct 77

Blenheim Dec 77 - Mar 79

Gallic Minch May - Sep 79

Star Pegasus Oct - Nov 79

Queen Elizabeth 2 Dec 79 - Oct 80

Joyeid Oct 80 - Feb 81

Methane Princess April 81 - Sep 81

Paludina Dec 81 - Mar 82

RFA Olwen May- Sep 1982 [ Falklands ]

Challenger Apr - July 83

Astraman Sep 83 - Jan 84

Samaria Mar - Sep 84

Lackenby Dec 84 - July 85

La Bahia Sep - Dec 85

Leicesterbrook [ Run Job ] Apr 86

Solvent Discoverer May - July 86

Marsman Oct 86 - Mar 87

Solvent Challenger May - July 87

Orionman July - Oct 87.

Following a shoulder accident I had a while convalescing, then returning to join the Stena Gothica From 90 - Oct 91.
After this I came ashore.

Clive wilson
30th May 2018, 07:43 PM
Ships Name and Service Record
Full Name
Richard Frederick Hyde Roberts ( Dickie )
Discharge Book Number

Re post #1

Hi Dickie your service record was entered a few years a go now though i have been on the site for a few years this is the first time i`VE come across any body having been on a ship I was on, the Duke of Mistra what a trip September 61 to May 62 I was a rating in the Catering dept age 18 it was not my first ship I had been on passenger ships ie P&O for two years it was my first Cargo Ship I continued going to sea up to Dec. 1964.that was from the Peregrine I was on that all of 1964 the married a women I`d met in Hamburg , hope this gets to you all the best Clive Wilson

Keith at Tregenna
30th May 2018, 07:48 PM
Hi Clive,

May be worth trying to mail / message him via this site.

Any problems, pos a moderator may assist.

Regards Keith.


Clive wilson
31st May 2018, 06:19 PM
Hi Keith thanks for picking that up must admit having a bit of difficulty getting my head around this messaging I`ve not done alot on the site will try and follow it through again thanks Clive

Keith at Tregenna
31st May 2018, 06:31 PM
No worries any problems just post here, I could try
to explain but our Doc, will have it a sorted ready
to post if needed and will be best to follow rather
than me possibly trying.

Regards Keith.