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stephen street
16th April 2011, 10:30 AM
Hi to any reader of this!
Although i was not a shaw swivel employee. The dubious honour of sailing to NZ and back on the above was mine, when she was used as a cadet training ship.In mid 1977 the MEDIC had a CO training officer Mr Miles Eden-Smith,he had(I think) been on the "Pangbourne". With this expirence he endevered to recreate the "flavour" of the quasi military training (shore base) of old.It was a bit lost on me,I'd had my fill of that life on a similar establishment( CONWAY) some years before.
I recall a few of S.S cadets that i knew back then,mainly,
The kelly bros (Mike and Ned?) and Roy(?) all from Hull.
In anticipation that someone will have some more knowledge to post on this subject,Many Thanks.

18th April 2011, 10:08 AM
Hi Stephen,
I sailed on the Medic for the first three trips after she became a training ship.
I remember Miles very well. We had some good times with the cadets on board. Good football matches, great trips in NZ.
Which trip were you on. Two of them I did we spent the full time in Timaru. The middle trip was the best, Auckland, Whangarie and Tauranga.
Lots of photo's from all trips if you are interested. First and third tips had a female cadet.
I sailed as second lecky.

stephen street
26th April 2011, 11:36 AM
Hi Pete
The trip i was on,may to aug 1977.Skipper R Althen,Sheereness/Liverpool Via Timaru.One female cadet Jane Rilley,about ten guys.One of ME SMITH trips was to see the cargo being prepared(killed,really entertaining stuff.)(that would be lambs for any reader not conversent with the run.)The other was coach trip round a large park up around the Alps.
One memoir that you may have,a competion between the deck and the engine crowd.
For the spanner's Jnr/5/e Mally Tucker
for the deck Nick Rainsford(i shared a cabin with nick,christen him TRUNCH )
For several weeks Nick lived with a smug face with his new nickname,but the engineroom boys were not impressed,demanding a show of Tackle.Unfotunately Nick was not as big as his non-de-plume would sugest.Lost his reputation almost as quick as he got it.

27th April 2011, 12:27 PM
Hi Steve,
I certainly remember that trip, it was my first on the Medic and the first with the cadets.
As soon as I saw the female cadets name I recognised it.
I also remember Mal, with envy!!! Unfortunately I think that was where most of his brains were!
The only coach trip I went on was the one you mentioned to MT. Cook. We had lunch at the Heritage Inn and it started snowing. The driver was concerned that we may get stuck.
I don’t know if you were involved, but on one night out two of the cadets had a drinking competition with Tequila Sunrises. Downing each drink in one, and getting through a tremendous amount. I remember visiting the gents after one of them, and it was a sea of red!! I met an American girl in there (the pub, not the gents!) who was visiting friends in Timaru.
I have some photo’s of crossing the line and a football team from a match we played. Would you have been involved in that? I will dig them out and post later.

stephen street
28th April 2011, 09:56 AM
Hi Peter,
We joined in Shereness,great few days before sailing.I ended up one night with a local bramaid,that got me in the good books with a senior engineer.(No names but he had dark curly hair and black tash or beard.)Got a bit deflatted when she told She'd only gone for a toy boy to get at him.Neadless to say I keeped that one to myself.I have(well some of it.)red hair so I tend to be remembered.Unfortunately" miles" rules kept his "cadets"fairly seperated from everyone else,ie out of the bar by nine etc.A bit of a sore point with some of use, being twenty plus years of age at the time.As for pictures,I don't have any. Would be intresting to see if I turn up on any of yours. My other real memory of Timaru was to have the pleasure of a wisdom tooth extracted.Haveing told the story many times it still sends shivers down my spine.The Quack ended up with his knee on my chest,one hand on my forehead the other yanking on the pliers that he'd clamped on said tooth.Like something out the wildwest.

Mike Lawrence
3rd August 2016, 03:09 PM
I was there. First trip cadet.

Steve Frankland
5th September 2016, 02:26 PM
I sailed on the Medic in 1978, one of 12 cadets. I remember Miles very well, very different to what I'd been used to with Manchester Liners. Joined in Liverpool then coasted to Avonmouth to complete discharge before sailing in ballast to Whangarei and Bluff. Did the slaughterhouse tour, Queenstown trip and a few games of football, one against a team called Queens Park Rangers in Invercargil. I think it may have been the penultimate voyage of the Medic before it was sold. Some good memories from those days.
Steve Frankland.