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Eamonn McCarthy
22nd February 2011, 08:16 PM
On the A boats, part of the on board entertainment was "horse racing night". As I am now involved with our local Senoir Citizens Interest Group and wishing to add to the list of entertainment by way of a horse racing night.However I have forgotten most of the rules and the layout of the "course". Bosun and Tom Brown Tom was Deck man and hailed from Dagenham, they took the course to the Lounge ,a long length of canvas with paint lines every meter or so.there were 6 bloods "jockeys"sat at a table threw a dice ,the horses were moved by Boson or Tom in relatation to the number on the disc,so first horse to pass the post wins.There were differant types of races-.hurdles- flat- 5 furlongs dash- Grand Nationals etc.to which I forget the rules and regulations how the course was used for those races? like, over the jumps when a horse came to a fence it had rules on the numberof throws the punter got so as to jump thefence. the betting was on a Para mutual system, I am ok an that How the rest worked I would be of great help to me as it may jog the grey matter.Eamonn

Jim Brady
22nd February 2011, 09:24 PM
Hi Eamonn,I only ever seen this game played "On The Flat".Simple rules,6 horses marked 1 to 6,course laid out to say 20 numbers.2 dice required,one dice was for the number of the horse tobe moved,the other dice was for the number of moves for the horse to make.So one person rolls the horse dice and number 3 comes up,another person rolls the number of moves dice and number 4 comes up.Horse 3 moves 4 places.

Eamonn McCarthy
23rd February 2011, 05:19 PM
Thanks Jim for your reply ,that method I may try Eamonn