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13th February 2011, 11:53 AM

My name is Dan, and I work for a recruitment agency based near Portsmouth in the UK. We're an established recruiter in the Marine industry, but have not given the Shipping side of the industry much focus until recently, preferring to work on the Shipbuilding and Design side of things.

However, we are now trying to work our way into the Shipping Industry, particularly on the shore based side of things with Superintendent and Fleet Manager level roles.

The roles we currently have can be seen here, as can the rest of our companies website.


The main reason I am posting here is to find out how and where you would look for jobs if you were looking to change.

Would you use papers, like the Nautilus Telegraph, job boards, register with agencies, or go direct to the companies, social networking sites or something else?

Best regards

Daniel Crummack


14th February 2011, 02:16 AM
Hi Dan, After the decline of the British Shipping Federation in the UK, I used Lloyds List a lot for finding work. On the other hand the work used to find me as it would normally get around on the grapevine that you were home and the phone would ring. Although as the decline of British shipping went on the calls got less frequent. I took redundacy from the BSF in 1987 and received the grand sum of 1327 pounds and a few pence for 34 years in the Industry, what a laugh. Working in Australia I was again made redundant from one company and received 9 times this amount for 3.5 years and had no problems in finding work.If I was still actively seagoing I would certainly be very wary of employment with certain British companys. The answer as regards myself to your query would be Lloyds list. Cheers John Sabourn.

15th February 2011, 08:23 AM
Hi John,

Thanks for the reply.

Lloyds list is something we've considered but I'll have another look at it again to see if it's worth our while.

You're right about word of mouth being important, we find the majority of our candidates through referals from people who are currently on our books.

Thank you again for your help.