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12th February 2011, 08:01 PM
Has any of you old boys sailed with my father Peter sherwood out of Hull from 1949 to1961 He was a cook
He sadly passed away some 6 years ago and I am looking to find old pals of his that maybe has a photo or a story to tell I would be grateful if you had I also have a few pictures of some of his shipmates.
SS tasso 1949 SS Straun 50 SS Athol monarch 50 SS Spero 52 Poole Quay 52 Graigwen 52 Durham Trader 53 Corfoss 53
Bassano 53 St Elwyn 53 Baltic Pine 53 SS Turo 54 SS Spero 54 Maltese Prince 54 SS Triland 54 SS Trasso 54 SS Denis 55
SS Leo 55 SS Malmo 56 SS Rialto 56 SS Leo 56 SS Troro 57 SSTeano 58 SS Realto 59 SS Domino 59

Neil Morton
13th February 2011, 01:12 AM
Welcome to the sight Mr Sherwood,( no first name given) it would be a great help in tracking down your father if you could give us some ship names and dates.I'm sure one of the lads will give you the right steer mate.Happy hunting.Neil "Mort" Morton.