View Full Version : Looking for some images of a sailor to appear in a short film

9th February 2011, 06:22 AM

I am not in the Merchant Navy (my Grandfather was though ;o)). Instead I have a request that I am looking for somebody to help with.

I am making a self-funded short film to enter into festivals/competitions (effectively an expensive business card). It is about family relationships once the central father figure has gone. For many reasons I made this father figure a seaman.

As part of the 'set' I am looking for some pictures of a man at sea, at different stages of his life, on boats and docks, etc. Sort of a life in pictures. I need about seven different pictures of the same man. They will be used as a sort of memorial to the person who has passed away.

So I am looking for a person who can offer to loan some pictures of themselves - and also be prepared to be in the film (in those pictures) as a dead person!

This is being paid for by the people making it so it's not a huge budget but we do want to be able to come to some mutually beneficial relationship, and of course you would get a DVD of the film. We are based in London but it doesn't really matter where you are, though I would need to borrow the images to get them enlarged.

Please get in touch if you think you can help, or can point me in the direction of someone. I can provide copies of the script and such like if required. Thanks.

All the best,


You can send a message to me on this message board or email me - nat 'at' natthill dot net