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Bruce Sanders
30th January 2011, 07:01 AM
Ships Name and Service RecordYour Name
Bruce Sanders Discharge Book Number
R845037 Department
Engine Room Your Rank/Rating
Chief Electrician / Second Electrician Ships
Pinebank 2nd Electrician, from memory signed on in Townsville, Australia, in early part of 1965. Signed off Gibralta 11th May 1065

First ship

Pinebank 1st Electrician signed on Gibralta 11th May 1965 signed off Brisbane 28th October 1965.

Forresbank 2nd Electrician Port Kembla, Australia, 1st July 1966,signed off Liverpool 17th October 1966.

Forresbank 1st Electrician signed on 18th October 1966 signed off Liverpool 4th May 1967

Nairnbnk 1st electrician signed on Amsterdam 19th August 1967 signed off Avonmouth 8th August 1968..

Cedarbank signed on 20th September 1968 signed off Sydney 11th November 1968

Stayed on at sea in various companies in various fields till November 2007.

Now retired and living at Aberglasslyn in the Hunter valley, NSW, Australia

Grahamn Wheeler
30th September 2017, 09:43 PM
Hi Bruce,
I served on the Pinebank as R/O. I have some photos somewhere of you, Dick Boatwright and one or two others whose names I forget.
Graham Wheeler