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Vic Pitcher
29th January 2011, 02:24 PM
Ships Name and Service RecordYour Name
Vic Pitcher Discharge Book Number
R648078 Department
Deck Your Rank/Rating
Apprentice to Master Ships

Cornish City 1956 First Ship

Bradford City1957

Orient City 1958

Vancouver City 1958-9

Parima 1959

Homer City 1959-60

East Breeze 1960-61

San Ernesto 1961

Sunda Breeze 1961

West Breeze 1961-62

Iron Horse 1963-64

Border Chieftain 1964-65

Warbah 1965-66

Mairi Everard 1974

Pass of Glenclunie

Pass of Dirriemore

Pass of Cairnwell

Pass of Brander

Pass of Drumochter

Pass of Chisholm All 1974-1983

Berlin 1983-86

Goodwood 1988

Stolt Birchwood

Stolt Falda

Stolt Bahia

Stolt Pradera

Stolt Colina

Stolt Quinta

Stolt Hacienda

Stolt Puffin All 1989-94

Essberger Pioneer 1994

Lubchem 1994-95

Sandgrouse 1995

Dilmun Shearwater 1996

Earl of Romney

Jonas Hanway 1997-98